Monday, April 7, 2008

Slip Fabric

Just a very quick entry today as I'm doing icky household chores and I don't want to break my rhythm. Yeah, right. Who am I kidding! ;-)

Anyway, a lot of the comments about the slip asked about the fabric. I'm sorry, but it's not some miracle fabric or anything of the sort and it's also long sold out. It's a nylon/lycra blend which has more body than what you usually think of and see for tricot lingerie. It's cool to the touch like nylon usually is and I don't worry about any heat factor because it's a slip and an updraft is always happening. ;-)

I bought it from (along with about 4 other colors) a couple of years ago. The link to the fabric still works so you can read about it here.

And for those who asked … I wore the coral tee with the skirt on Saturday night.

The vacuum awaits. :-(


  1. Debbie, what does the slip pattern pieces look like? Are they just rectangles or do they have some waist shaping? I need a slip too but I'm not sure I want to buy a pattern.

  2. Darn those stashes! Something is always *slipping* out that you can't get anymore! But thanks for the info!

  3. I recently bought a vintage slip pattern which I look forward to making. Having the right foundation makes such a difference. Not only in how your garment looks on the outside, but it makes you feel pretty too.

  4. Debbie, you've probably gotten this before, but I just received an E for Excellent award, and wanted to pass it on to you. I do enjoy your blog!

  5. Debbie,

    This is Kristin from the Sew,Mama,Sew! shop and blog. I have a proposition for you. Can you please email me? Thanks so much.

  6. I hope that this is a temporary cessation of blogging. Miss you!
    I was in NYC today fabric shopping and met a woman who loves your blog. She is a plus sized woman and she could really relate.

  7. Debbie - Where are you??? Hope all is well at your house and you are just too busy to blog...(hopefully sewing!) Miss you!



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