Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Interrupt This Muslin …

… to scream in frustration. ;-)

I thought I was rolling along with my changes but it's a mess. I think I'm going to end up buying Simplicity 3631 just so I don't have to experiment anymore with removing sleeve ease in a raglan sleeve, something which is new to me and I just simply don't have the time or motivation to work through right now. I need to sew!

In the meantime, I'm going to start on Kwik Sew 3368, which is a nearly TNT for me. And, if you squint, you can see that it's very similar to McCall's 5329.

Stay tuned. My schizophrenic sewing self is bound to finish something soon.


  1. Sorry your sleeves were too frustrating for you. I liked your general lines. It's a great concept for a jacket!

  2. I was all excited as all the patterns were in the daughter's stash from a pattern sale. Then I looked at your kwiksew jacket review and realized that is definitely a pattern for me. I thought it looked really nice on you. Drats the kwiksew pattern is really calling my name. I would love wearing that jacket. mssewcrazy

  3. Ugh! There is nothing worse than when sewing becomes frustrating, to the point of screaming. Hang in there! You will have a jacket for your interview! In the meantime scream as much as you need to. I can hear you from here. You have good lungs. :)

  4. This is funny Debbie, before clicking on the KS link, I was thinking THAT is the pattern you should be making. I have made this jacket with huge alterations and it is wonderful...but you know that already...and it is fast too.

  5. If you want the Simplicity pattern, they are on sale at Joann's this weekend- April 24-26th for a $1.99. Hope you find a jacket that works. The Kwiksew jacket is cute.

  6. I know that you are frustrated with the sleeves but personally I was wondering how you were going to make that gathering work around the neckline.

    To me that Simplicity pattern is great if you are small busted but anyone with a good pair is going to have issues with the pattern...the first thing anyone will notice when you enter the room will be your bustline!!!! Like the brow of a majestic ship...

    I am glad that you are going with S3631 'cause the Sew Stylish magazine shows you how to change the sleeves very easily...and if I CAN do it...it will be a breeze for you!

    You will show pictures of the shoes from Zappos, right? I love shoes almost as much as I do fabric! *LOL*


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