Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Deer in the Headlights

It's like a mug shot, isn't it? LOL! The boys finally made it home tonight, after staying an extra day and a half. Who could blame them? Hanging out with your cool older brother and going out to all sorts of places is much more fun that being at home with the parents. They're in bed already, at barely after 11 PM. But before he disappeared for the night, I did manage to grab some modeled shots of the latest shirt.

Here's the back. It seems to be a tiny bit snug across his backside, but it could be the way he's standing, which is basically the "Mom, hurry up!" pose. I'll make a note to check it again for next time.

And since we're doing mug shots, I'll include a profile too.

The other action in the sewing room tonight is the start of a muslin for Jalie 2806. I'm not loving the neckband/binding. Because it's not really a binding, it doesn't sandwich the neckline and is too floppy when the fold-over section crosses it. I've already decided that I'll trim off the seam allowances and bind the neckline "properly" with my coverstitch machine. But I'll have to change up the construction order a bit so that the fold-over section doesn't get caught up. I'm also not especially thrilled with handstitching required to tack down the fold-over on the wrong side. It seems kind of "happy hands at home" to me. I think there's got to be a better way, so I'll contemplate that while I sleep. ;-)

I haven't tried it on yet. I'm going to go sew in the sleeves and then the sideseams before I go to bed. It's destined to be a PJ top if it's wearable. If not, it will hit the trash.


  1. LOL! Who can blame your DS. Even I'd be giving you the blank stare. :) The shirt looks great though. Really nice fit again.

    I'm interested to see what you do with the Jalie top. My pattern is still sitting, as I wasn't thrilled with it after reading the instructions and seeing the pattern pieces.

  2. You forgot the height markings in the Mugshots!
    Really, I know that "hurry up and take the picture" thing all too well--in our house it is accompanied by a some whining as well.
    The shirt looks good--your son should be stylin' when he goes back to school--thanks to Mom!

  3. Great looking shirt. I've never had the occasion to sew for boys/men. I guess it isn't much different. I'm glad the guys had a good time.

  4. The shirt fits very well excepting for that slight strain across the butt area. I like what you did with that collar. I am sure I downloaded the instructions for that conversion eons ago. Now to find it.
    Does Ms Zieman feature this method in any of her books? I'd love to have a copy.

  5. Darn, I went back and read your original posting...'Sewing Express' it is. Thanks.

  6. LOL!
    I literally LOL reading your comment with the side pose. Nice shirt, and yes, my girls can't stand still when I try to fit them either! Youngest dd can't even stand still when I try to measure her!

  7. LOL Debbie, those are blackmail shots for sure. Looks like he got a bit of sun also. Great job on the shirt!

  8. Nice shirt on your poor, tired son. Glad the boys had a good time.

    Hope you can work out the Jalie top issue!

  9. I, too want to hear what you do with the Jalie shirt!

  10. Love those shirts! It must be fun to sew for him.


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