Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick Update

TGIF!! I sure do miss my days when every day is a Saturday and all mine. LOL! But the paychecks that come every week help make up for that.

I managed to get the grocery shopping done during the week which means I do not have to go anywhere over the weekend and I can hide in my sewing room with the Olympics on the TV and sew, sew, sew. (And football pre-season games have started. Yaaahooo!! The regular season is so close I can almost taste it.)

I cut out a "good fabric" version of Jalie 2806 tonight after fixing the back neck on the pattern, and even sewed a little of it. Very little. My batteries were dying and I had already made one stupid, but thankfully easily fixable, mistake. I knew it was time to put it away for the night and start again in the morning.

DS#1 went to an audition this evening for a seasonal job at Busch Gardens for their Halloween "HalloScream" nights and he was hired! He has loved dressing up in costumes since he was about 18 months old so he should adore getting paid for it. He'll be a zombie or some such and get to sneak up on and scare park visitors with a fake chainsaw.

I think the "costume" is one of the reasons he wants to be a firefighter. (He starts school for that in a few months.) He's been hanging out at the volunteer fire department right down the road and loves how they take breaks up at Starbucks with their fireman gear on, even if they haven't actually been out on a call. Oh, and he rates driving the trucks pretty high too. Boys will always be boys! LOL!

Off to bed. Stay tuned for photos of the new Jalie top tomorrow.


  1. Thank goodness for football season!!!! I save up all my handwork for Saturday and Sunday during football season so that I can sit down and watch the games (LSU and Saints!).

  2. My dd will be so jealous! Way up on her job list is a performer at Busch Gardens or Disney. She dances.

  3. "the "costume" is one of the reasons he wants to be a firefighter"

    LOL! Consider yourself lucky he's figured out what her wants to be! I just wish my soon-to-be 23yo would figure out what he wants to be (before he/we spend anymore on expensive tuition). For that matter I wish my soon-to-be 21yo would also!

  4. Debbie, Where have you been? Everyone at Pattern Review is missing you! Let us know that you are a-okay!


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