Thursday, July 14, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New (Giveway)

I got through the pile on my sewing table in yesterday's post, except for these black capris. I'm still thinking about refashioning (I sound so trendy when I say that, don't I?) into a skirt but I'm just not sure how much I'll actually wear a black jeans skirt so I'm procrastinating. Oh, speaking of colors — I've had a few comments recently about me wearing blue (and thank you for the compliments!). I just wanted to set the record straight that it's not that I think I don't look good in blues, it's just that blue is not one of my go-to colors. I tend to gravitate toward other colors first.

OK, where was I? Oh yes, dealing with the pile. So, I cut off the buttons from the items I pointed out yesterday and then tossed them. Sigh. It was kind of hard to do that and then see other messy kitchen garbage on top of my stuff in the trashcan. But I'm over it now. Mostly.

After freeing the buttons, I refashioned (hah!) this dress, into …

… this top. But instead of trying it out before I hemmed it, I just went ahead and hemmed it. I've since decided that I really need to take in the sideseams. A LOT. This dress/top had a lot of ease and I want to get rid of that now.

For today, I'm wearing it with my new chain belt and my new dark denim capris. And my great orange sandals, which I really wish I had bought 2 pairs of now because I'm going to miss them so much whenever they wear out.

I think I'm going to go back to Walmart after dinner (I swear, some weeks I live there) and buy 2 more pairs of these capris in smaller sizes before they're sold out. One to wear after more weight loss and one to cut up as a pattern because they fit me so well and even with losing more weight, I'm still going to be this general shape.

As to "In With the New," my order arrived today and I might be just a little bit overwhelmed. I think I need to get on the fabric wagon because I already have more projects in my head than I'll be able to finish anytime soon while still looking for a job. (No, haven't heard anything about anything yet. Sigh.)

On to today's Giveaway … A bunch of old sewing crap vintage sewing notions and a vintage Kwik Sew slip pattern, size S-M-L-XL which has been rough-cut but all sizes are intact.

Click to Enlarge and See the Details

What can you do with a bunch of old wooden spools, you ask? Toss them in a jar and call them Sewing Room Decoration, like I did. You're on your own for the hand-sewing needles. ;-)

If you want to win the vintage items above (not my decorations!), leave a comment on this post and I'll draw a random number. Fine print: For all the Giveaways this week, each entrant can only win once and in the case of duplicates, I'll contact you for your choice and then draw again randomly on what's left. Clear? And if you do enter, please check back next week to see who won because if I don't hear from you within a few days after announcing winners, I'll draw/decide again. I will close comments on this Giveaway on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 and announce the winner on Thursday, July 21 2011. Again, anyone anywhere can enter this or any Giveaway this week.

Parting Shot: Since you liked the last animation so much, here's another showing the canine traffic jam when I try to take tripod pics. It's a little busy around here, isn't it? (Photo quality is bad to try to keep the file size as small as possible.)


  1. After reading your post about refasioning a dress, I pondered what garment needed to be refashion. Felt like I was in a sauna while dumpster diving in my closet for something to refashion. Came across a long sleeve knit top that was perfect for the slacks that I wanted to wear. Hacked on the sleeves and with my new found love for my coverstitch hemmed the sleeves. Presto.. Outfit for today.

    I would love to have the slip pattern and thanks for sharing the parting shot... traffic

  2. Good refashiong... and the animation is to fun!!!

  3. ha ha ha, love the animated pic!! And I was not able to comment back when you wrote that post about the dental work (blogger was being a booger that day).
    It is awesome to see your smile :)

  4. The animation is cool! See, you're young and hip :) I'd love to win that slip pattern, it looks so pretty. Thanks, emisuess(at)att(dot)net

  5. the canines are tooooo funny. Pass on this giveaway. Good luck to the winners.

  6. Being able to refashion is very CREATIVE...I would love the thread.

  7. Ooooo, you hit my "Like" button here - vintage anything. I would actually use all of the items there, so I am "IN" for this give away! I love the old tape measures that have the inches on both sides - and I love wooden spools, and use the old thread for basting or certain projects in which new Gutterman's isn't necessary.

    I have a friend in a similar job situation as you. She is finding temp jobs to be her saving grace for the uncertain now - I am sure perfect fitting jobs will soon come about for you and her.

    BTW ~ I love that dress better as a top; very nice conversion.

  8. Please enter me in the drawing. I love old wooden spools.


  9. OMG how much weight have you lost ? you look brilliant . Which diet are uou on ?

  10. Ps loving the refashion :-))

  11. 1. You look GOOD - healthy and happy...
    2. The item is much better as a top than as a dress.
    3. You cleaned out your to-be-fixed pile ???
    never will happen over here...
    4. good luck with the job hunt

  12. I would love to have the spools of thread. I'm redoing my sewing room and have been putting my old wooden spools in a vase and would love to have some more. I like the idea of refashioning but will have to go through my closet first. And that's the same sauna where Sheila's closet resides! LOL

  13. Canine traffic is normal, isn't it? Even just one (admittedly double or more sized) canine creates quite the traffic jam.

    I like the top much better than I liked it as a dress.

  14. I toss my old wooden spools into a large glass vase, or two, and a jar.

  15. I really like the refashion of your dress to a top. That looks great. The animation is cute!

    I's love to win the hand sewing needles pack, I remember seeing that same pack of needles among my grandmother's sewing notions. Just brings back memories.

  16. Hi Debbie,

    Include me please for the chance for your generous giveaway... for anything you'd be kind enough to award.

    I'll be mentoring seniors and teenagers next week, introducing and/or reacquainting them to sewing .. so, EVERYTHING would be so useful and appreciated, as we're starting out only with the huge blessing of an older donated machine from a wonderful dealer, and my contribution of some needles, thread, fabric remnants, etc.
    from my sewing cave. They'll all be there at the senior center for the folks to use when needed.

    Even the handsewing needles will help, as these folks would be able to fix a torn seam or hem, sew on a button to save a garment, etc. .. a real boon for low and fixed income folks, and we're starting from nothing but the above.

    I follow you all the time, but this is the first time I've posted, and I want to especially thank you for the wonderful tutorials you've taken the time to post. They're SO helpful.

    Gosh, I wish I'd known you when I lived in Dover .. finally had to leave FL after the horrors of the '04hurricane season .. after 30 yrs. That season put me on my knees ..just couldn't take the trauma and loss anymore.

    Thanks again for all your inspiration.


  17. Love the animation - it looks like puppy central around there!

  18. I love that old tape measure! You look fantastic!

  19. Long time reader, first time commenting . . . Does that make me greedy and bad? I hope not. You are such an accomplished seamstress, maybe I'm a little intimidated about commenting (?) Anyways, I would love, love, love to win your vintage sewing goodies. So cute! And congratulations on the weight loss! And good luck with the job search! (see I really am a loyal reader)

  20. Love the dogs in your partting shot. Dog are so fun. My yorkie is always at my feet.
    I'd love to win the vintage notions and pattern. I have been wanting to make a slip but haven't found a pattern yet.

  21. Please enter me. Usually things like this I forego but I recently used my last needle from an identical pack in my aunt's old steamer trunk. I hand sew lots of things while watching tv and being short have to hem everything. I have also become a vintage machine person so the wooden spools could find a home here.
    You are right about the sandals -you should have bought two pairs. I too love the walmart denim capris and buy loads of them. You are looking really good these days-not that you don't always just even better in the cute clothes you sew. Love the doggies and feel right at home. My rescue yellow lab chewed up the new remote yesterday-had to order a new one for the satellite. mssewcrazy

  22. hahaha!! That animation is hysterical! :D Don't enter me in the giveaway, I'm destashing myself! :)

  23. It's really hard throwing away clothes you make, you are braver than me.
    Love the doggie animation.

  24. Loved the animated ending to your blog. How many dogs do you have? 3? That certainly is a house full. I would love to have the slip pattern, I need to start making those because I plan on wearing dresses all summer. Thanks!

  25. Wow! Good call on refashioning the dress into a top! I like those vibrant colors and the neckline on you. That little video with the doggies running around is just too cool!

  26. Good job on the refashioning and I enjoyed the animation. Have fun shopping for more capris.

  27. Awesome!!! My first time on your site and I think you have a very creative and FUN blog!! I love what you did with your animated pics and the decor!! From one sew'r to another thanks for the inspiration!!! PS where did you get the cute tiny dress form???

  28. Your dogs are so cute and funny. I would love the spools and everything else. thanks for the chance to win.

  29. I love, love this. I can hardly move in my sewing room for tripping over dogs (my fox terrier and my son's border collie - who circles the room about 47 times an hour). You are looking terrific these days BTW.

  30. OOOOOOOOO!! I luv vintage sewing treasures! I have a small collection of wooden spools - in a jar - they'd luv some company...
    thanks again for sharing