Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fixing the Clearance Top

Remember this oversized Walmart $7.00 clearance top?

I spent 20 minutes tonight making it wearable, and now I have this:

I pinned up a big tuck (red lines below) right above the shirred waistline and tried it on to be sure it was OK. It was, so I stitched about 3/8" away from the shirring (yellow lines).

Then I trimmed the tuck and finished the resulting raw edges all in one pass on the serger.

The last step was to sew the underam seam deeper, and then trim/finish with the serger.

And that's all I have tonight because I have laundry to fold.


  1. lovely simple alterations resulting in a very wearable top. You have some great pieces now :-)

  2. You couldn't have bought the fabric cheaper! Great refashion.

  3. An awesome fix! I think I have a few things lurking in my closet that need some quick alterations.

  4. Looks great - so much better than before.

  5. Cute top! I found the picture of the underarm alteration useful. It makes me feel free to narrow there if needed on rtw or home sewn tops if the arm area is not as it should be. mssewcrazy

  6. How can you go wrong with a $7 top? Great save!

  7. That is a beautiful transition.

  8. Your wardrobe really rocks! Great save!


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