Friday, October 21, 2011

M5523: Still Not Loving It

First things first — it's not my birthday. That's not until March. But I'm not having my next one anyway. Ever. ;-) Still, thanks for the good wishes just the same.

Next, I definitely don't have to worry about a short week, after leaving early yesterday afternoon. This morning, the traffic was non-existent so I was sitting at my desk and working at 8 AM. We had a working lunch meeting that went for 90 minutes, and I didn't leave for the day until nearly 6 PM. And I still have hours of stuff I left behind. It's really nice to be so busy, because it means that my time is well-spent and, more importantly, they trust me with all this stuff. I'm still glad it's Friday, though. ;-) I'm looking forward to sleeping in until 8 AM instead of 6 AM, with a cute little pooch snuggled in next to me since it's going to be downright FREEZING here overnight (in the 50s — our Florida thermometers are "vanity sized," so 50 = 30.) ;-)

So, the skirt. I tried it on after work while I still had on pantyhose and heels. Do you have any idea how hard it is to try on a skirt with a pinned-down waist facing while wearing pantyhose and NOT catching a pin in them? Trust me, don't try it. That smile is fake.

There's a poochy thing going on there at the tummy, and it's not just the tummy (or last night's dinner).

It's worse when my top is lifted up (so don't lift it up, Debbie, geez!).

It's better when I yank up the front waist. Sigh. That means it needs an adjustment and I'm not sure if I feel like ripping out the waist facing. It's also going to be too short if I hem it with a normal turn-up (not turnip). I'll have to face the hem.

Here's the back view, where all the style action is. I like it, but the seaming sorta points to the good china and I'm not sure about that look.

So, I'm not going to sew it anymore tonight.I've got my jeans on and I think I'll finish the book I've been reading and catch up on the DVR.

By the way, I finished Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father and loved it. I'm not political AT ALL, and neither is this book. But it does confirm what I've always felt about BO ever since I first heard him speak. He's intelligent, fair, open-minded, and a very good man. What you see is what you get. I found his perspective on being black in America and in Africa really interesting and thought-provoking. While this book is really more just BO's story than a racial anything, as a white woman, he made me think about things I never would've thought about on my own and I think (hope) I'm better for that.

The book I'm almost done reading right now is Michael Oher's book. Not The Blind Side, by another author and upon which the movie was based, but Oher's own recounting of his childhood struggles and successes — which does differ in a lot of respects from the movie.

I didn't intentionally pick two books on being a black child/man in America — it just happened. But I've found the differences and similarities quite interesting and I'm glad I read them sort of together. BO's book is much deeper, but MO's story as a child growing up in the projects and often in foster case, while a faster read, is well worth learning too. I would even say that MO had a lot more to overcome, since BO grew up in a much more privileged and stable environment. I highly recommend both books, and probably in the same order I've read them.


  1. I wondered how you would like that skirt? It has never been that attractive to me since I have such a large ass-et...I've always believed those seams would accentuate it!

    It will be interesting to read about how you resolve your fitting issues and if it becomes a beloved garment in your wardrobe.

  2. It looks like the back is riding up and the front is dropping down, which would indicate to me that the skirt is a smidgen too tight in the hips. I think it's a great style and really like the back detail - definitely worth persevering with. Perhaps try letting the sideseams out a wee bit?

  3. I always love it when I read a book that really makes me think!
    As important as sewing and getting together a work wardrobe is, it's good to take some time to read.

    I am glad that you like your new job. I hope that they take you on full time. As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts and sewing life with us!

  4. if you can get past the fitting issue - NO ONE is going to be looking at the backside of you standing still. You're too busy at work to be standing still. I love the detail and I think once you get the hip fitting issue out of the way it will be a little swingy back there.

  5. What a crazy week for you! And you still have your sense of humor. Happy Friday!!!

  6. Freezing? At 50? We have a freeze warning tonight. Highs in the 40s tomorrow. :-)

  7. Debbie, I think the skirt back looks great on you! I think the seams and fullness at the bottom are very flattering and you're not nearly as "full" in the back as you seem to think. :)

  8. I've not read those two books, but two books that effected me were "The Scent of Rain and Lightening" by Nancy Picard, and "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold really knocked me for a loop. You might also enjoy Laura Jo Rowlands mystery series set in 17th century Japan. Amazing books.

  9. Brrrr, stay warm with your little snuggler!

  10. I love your vanity thermometer. I think we have that here too. :)
    I like this outfit. I think the seam detail and flounce at the back look great.

  11. I've enjoyed seeing your road to a nice working wardrobe. I think the skirt with the waist alteration that you talked about will make it a wonderfully addition to your wardrobe. It looks marvelous. Seeing all these wonderful things almost makes me want to go back to work. Glad you're enjoying your job.

  12. Can't wait to see what you do as I often have the same issue you are dealing with and never know how to fix it. For me - looking at the photos, I don't think the seams are pointing anywhere, however, you have to be comfortable in the skirt.

    Thanks for sharing your reading. g

  13. "good china", LOL i am gonna steal that one. Love that skirt, been sitting on that pattern for a coupla years, maybe now I'll bang it out. Thanks for the tip on the BO book, haven't read it yet even though I'm a kinda fan. Will pick it up for my Nook.

  14. In the last pic - in jeans - you look downright thin, girl! I know your blog is primarily about sewing, but would love to hear a little more about your diet/current-way-of-eating.


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