Sunday, October 16, 2011

HP1047 Done, but no outfit yet

 I finished the Moneypenny Pussycat blouse and I really like it. I don't like it with this skirt, but I had to wear something for the pic. (ETA: Yes, it looks OK, but just OK. It's too muddy for me.) The skirt I'm working on is muslined but that's as far as I got before sewing fatigue started setting in. The new skirt fabric is lighter and will be more contrast, which I think will look better. It should be an easy sew that I hope to work on during the upcoming weeknights.

Back view.

This pattern is one of the first Hot Patterns releases, back in 2005 (Holy Cow! Time flies!) and I think there were a few pattern issues with the original Slinky/Curvy/Glamour sizing. However, it's been reworked since then and is now multi-sized in one envelope like the current HPs. I had absolutely no problems with this pattern. All seams and notches matched up and the sizing was nearly perfect for me. At $7.95 it's a steal!

As I said earlier, I cut a straight 16. I chose this size based sort of on full bust and sort of on my recent experience with 18 being too big. I was making a muslin so I didn't have much to lose. For my alterations, I added about 3/8" under the bust curve. The empire seam as drafted was on the edge for me, nearly perfect, but since this is an easy fix, I went for it and now it *is* perfect. I also decided to widen and lower the neckline after all to make it more like the envelope drawing. As you can see, I just whacked off a very unscientific amount. I then laid the new neckline over the facing piece and hacked that off too.It worked fine.

The sleeves are very narrow on this pattern. That's pretty much my only complaint. But it's easy enough to do a simple slash/spread to enlarge. I added 2 inches and redrew the sleeve cap higher since spreading the pattern flattens it a bit. Lastly, I sliced off some of the bell fullness, which was even more full after spreading the pattern 2 inches. Again, very unscientific.I think I ended up with an essence of bell sleeves without the hassle of dragging them through my soup.Whatever they are now, I like them.

I also added 2" to the length at the bottom edge of the lower bodice pattern pieces, but my hem is about 1-1/2" so I probably didn't need all of that. Finally, I combined the two front facing pieces into one since there's really no reason for a seam in the middle. You don't need a design detail on facing. ;-)

One feature that is not really apparent from the pattern envelope is that the neckband isn't really a band at all, but a really pretty shawl collar that morphs into the ties at the front. If you haven't done a tie-front blouse similar to this, you *will* need other instructions because HP's are kind of obtuse, not really complete, and there aren't any illustrations. But this is one of their older patterns and their instructions in newer patterns are much better. I'm going to try to find a pattern in my stash or instructions in one of my books to add to my review when I write it up for

One last note about the directions — they tell you that all seams are sewn WRONG sides together unless otherwise indicated. This is a major boo-boo, because they're not, so don't let that throw you if you make this (and you should!)

The buttons are courtesy of Carolyn and a perfect match, don't you think? Once again, thank you Carolyn for that button bonanza!

I picked up this knit dress today while running through Walmart, my home away from home it seems. I'm not sure about it being work-appropriate — that neckline is pretty low. I know I can sew it higher, so I'm still evaluating. I like how it looks low, but I don't think I'm going to have any date nights for a while. Hahahaha! (I also bought a couple of new bras while I was there so girls are pretty perky today. I bought the same exact bra/cup size as my previous bras but went down in band size. That really shouldn't work, but it did. I'm now a 38DD in this bra. I haven't been a 30-anything in bras in a long time. More vanity sizing?)

It's a faux wrap pullover, with ties that tie at center front.

I like it, but it's definitely a suck-in-yer-gut-all-day dress so it might hang for 10 more lbs or so. But for $18, how could I resist? I wish the details showed better in the pics. It's also got an asymmetrically gathered waist which you can't see at all.

That's it from Chez Cook. I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Actually, the blouse looks good with that skirt, because it picks up one of the colors! I'm sure you'll love it with the intended pairing.

  2. Everything looks wonderful. I can see why you have so much blue. It really looks great on you.

  3. I love seeing your pattern alterations, they seem so scientific compared to my by the seat of my pants (instinctual) ones. And I can't believe that you still have some of those buttons left - what was that two years ago?

    I agree with Marjie, I think the blouse works just fine with the skirt. Hope you had a good sewing weekend too, cause it's back to work tomorrow!

  4. The MoneyPenny blouse is so cute. I could see several of those in my wardrobe if I had that pattern. The style is just right for you.

  5. Debbie I like the blouse and skirt together. And I really like the knit dress.

    Debbie you are looking great. I hope soon you will share a post about your weight loss journey, that is if it is not too personal. I have been low carbing for a few months and the first two months were great I was so motivated, starting moving down a size in clothes etc. Then one day I had a piece of cheesecake and the next some cookies and before I knew it I was hooked again on sugar. Reading your blog often motivates me on a sewing and eating level, so than you for taking the time to post.

  6. I like the skirt and blouse together! I've got that blouse pattern also and it's nice to see your take on this one. Since reading many blogs and seeing other's interpretations of patterns- my pattern cillection has grown!
    Love the new blue dress- what a bargain!
    Congrats on the weight loss so far- very inspiring and can really see the changes - wow!!

  7. Beautiful blouse, Debbie and I join the others, i looks great witht skirt. I like the dress, too, just wear a cami for work.

  8. I like both outfits. I think your blouse is more versatile than you might think.

  9. Your HP blouse is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all styled for work. I think the dress looks great, too. You could wear it with a cami for work, and there's always dinners out with your sons until the dating starts again.

  10. Yea back when I made my muslin of the Moneypenny blouse I thought I'd sooner poke my eye out before I figured out how to do that $!@#$ shawl collar. If I remember right, I got it all on and thought I was right only to discover i had it on basically backwards. Or upside down. Or something. It was wrong, but it tied and I still had both eyes so I left it.

  11. Really like that blouse! It's gorgeous, and it makes you look gorgeous. And I think it's just fine with that skirt, isn't that what neutrals are all about, going with everything :-)?

    The dress however.. no slinky knit wrap dress is ever that great at work - fabric too clingy, and sucking in your gut is bad enough but watching your neckline and skirt?? Think also that if you do lose more weight that neckline will sag even further down..

  12. Looks beautiful with that skirt. After seeing the pattern in your blog the other day, I had to buy it.
    Can't wait for it to get here. I've never down that type of collar so I'm looking forward to your review on PatternReview for that help!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Your Pussycat blouse is wonderful. A lot of HP patterns are narrow in the sleeve. As for your dress, you could make a little lace inset to fill in the front "v"--snapping it on the inside of the dress. Then it's wearable to work, and you can take it off for that "someday" date!

  14. Thanks for the info in the MP blouse sizing. I have a few HP patterns, and they are all different as far as sizing goes.

    The blouse really looks nice, and I too will be curious to see how that collar is put together!

  15. Just a comment on your bra comment-it makes sense that you would go down in band size but not change cup size. A 38 DD is the same cup size as a 40 D and a 36 DDD. So lets say you previously wore a 40 DD, that would be the same cup size as a 38 DDD/E so with all your weight loss, you actually went down a cup size as well as band size-make sense?

  16. Such a pretty blouse -- I especially love the little pleats at the back of the colar.

  17. Connie (Grandma C)5:16 PM, October 17, 2011

    The incredible shrinking woman! Very flattering dress Debbie! I'd say it's a great pattern to knock off some day. Wrap dresses are always in style. Love the blouse and those kinds of collars make such an easy neckline detail that takes a woven blouse up a notch. I agree with Marjie - the colours of the blouse and skirt look great together! Maybe it's the photograph and it looks different IRL.

  18. The blouse is really beautiful, and looks great on you. The Walmart dress is a winner also. Blue is a good color on you.

  19. I was looking at that pattern the other day...yours looks great! Nice find on the Walmart dress, too.

  20. Love that blouse. Great classic pattern. That dress is perfect for work with maybe a black cami underneath.


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