Thursday, October 6, 2011

If Friday Is Jeans Day …

 … Then Thursday Must Be Jeans Try-On Night

But first, here's what I wore today, now a little frumpled after work all day and dinner out with Alex and his best friend. I forgot about this twinset until I was digging in my closet last night and am so glad I found it. I love me some lime green. ;-)  I also love this necklace and even had a compliment on it today, but by the end of the day, it is OMG-HEAVY. I couldn't wait to take it off after this photo session.

(My photography skills are even more lacking tonight as I managed to cut off my feet/shoes in every pic because I set the tripod a hair too close. Grrr.)

Let the jeans try-on session begin …

Self-made burgundy bootcuts from 2004. I tried them on with platform sandals and boy did my legs look long. Unfortunately, with my crap camera skills you'll have to trust me on that.

These are the beltloop-less self-made jeans I mentioned last week, and the outfit I thought I was wearing tomorrow until I saw this pic. They are just too big and add 10+ lbs to me. No, thank you, I just lost that 10 and don't want it back again.

These RTW jeans look better so I may be wearing them tomorrow instead. Or chickening out on jeans again and wearing a dress.

Another for the clown pants pile. These were too tight 6 months ago. Amazing.

These are the green "progress" jeans. The ones I tried on and photographed being way too tight in the next pic below, which was back in June. This pic is tonight. They fit, and are even getting too loose. And, no, they are not favorites anymore. They are too skinny in the calves and not flattering.

It's really hard to believe these are the same jeans as above but they are.

Parting Rant: My BMV order arrived yesterday. I broke my promise to myself and ordered yet another Butterick/Crawford pattern (Butterick 5574) because I want to try this skirt. (Carolyn — recognize anything sticking out in the upper right corner??)

And again, I'm really PO'd at this pattern line, especially the instruction sheet.

As usual with this line, there are no illustrations of the pattern pieces. Uh, hello, Butterick? I *NEED* those drawings. It's what I look at first to see how it all goes together. I don't want to have to read ALL of the construction steps just to see what I'm dealing with. That may or may not come later, depending on what the pattern pieces tell me. I like the puzzle of figuring it out for myself.

But what also ticks me off are the lumpy-slouchy-woman-with-a-serious-wedgie drawings. It's irrelevant if my body really does look like that. I don't want to be reminded of it. Do you? I sew and wear clothes to camouflage and conceal my lumps. And, to me these drawings speak VOLUMES about what CC *really* thinks about plus-sized bodies. I've seen many drawings and paintings of larger and curvy woman who looked beautiful, as we all are. Not slouchy and depressed like these pattern drawings. But what's almost just as bad is that I bought the size range for this pattern that is NOT plus-sized. The sizes start at 2 in this range. And yet all of the fitting "advice" is aimed at the other envelope and assumes much bigger bodies. WTF? What size 2 has arms like the drawing on the left? If I had never been or sewn plus-sized, I wouldn't understand any of that at all.

I swear, with all of you as my witnesses, if this skirt doesn't work without major alterations, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER BUTTERICK/CONNIE CRAWFORD PATTERN AGAIN. And this time, I really, really, really mean it. Really.

To leave you on a happier note, these will be arriving tomorrow. I so love having paychecks again, and a reason to dress up. And brown shoes.


  1. So happy for you - what an amazing difference in the green pants picture. You worked hard for that.

  2. ROTFLOL! Okay so I guess you're really not buying another Connie pattern again! Listen I have that pattern in my collection...bought before the dress fiasco this summer...and I was going to use it with my TNT skirt pattern because I really only want the pleat how about we make it together. Let me know.

    I like the RTW jeans. If you try them with one of your twinsets, you'll like the look better. I know cause that's what I'm wearing tomorrow!

  3. I would never have thought those were the same pair! Awesome!

  4. Your weight loss is impressive! I like the look of the RTW jeans, personally, so I would go with those but YMMV.

    I'm with you on wanting the pattern piece diagrams. Another thing that ticked me off royally on the new McCalls is they don't give the dimensions of the finished garment on the exterior envelope. I need to know those numbers -- both to choose a size, and to determine if something will be flattering. It frustrates me when that information isn't available.

  5. I don't mind the figure illustrations - at least they're realistic, which I do appreciate. But I do like having the pattern piece pictures as well - I really like how vintage patterns have them on the back envelope; I still wish they did that.

    Congrats on your continuing weight loss and your new job. It's been really fun and inspiring reading your progress.

  6. Wow you have done a great job slimming down! Your transformation over the months is amazing. Not only in you clothes fitting but also in you demeanour and how 'fresh' your face looks (happy and content)
    Those green pants look great. I have to loose about 15 kg (approx 30 lbs ?) so I love watching your metamorphosis!

  7. I spy The Rachel skirt!

  8. You look great! And I hate those Connie Crawford patterns too. The whole tone of them is depressing.
    Looking forward to the Rachel Skirt :)

  9. Gosh - you look great, though weeding through the closet is such a pain in the neck (though a fun problem to have). Admission number one - I have never bought a CC pattern - just never have. And now that I see the drawings, I think you are right. I think Connie Crawford has some major 'issues' with regard to plus size women. I think someone in the biz needs to sit her down and say, "Connie, sweetheart, don't design for people you despise - it comes out in the drawings. If you don't feel warmly for a certain segment of the market, just...don't...bother. You aren't doing them or you any favors."

  10. You look fabulous shrinking lady!

  11. I broke my Connie Crawford vow, too. I bought B5690 and threw caution to the wind and made it without a muslin. I wasted nearly $50 of Kashmir fleece on a jacket I hate and will never wear.

  12. "Hands clapping" -- doing an amazing job losing weight and getting fit!! Congratulations on both the job and weight loss.

  13. I like the drawings of the pattern pieces too -- especially the way Jalie does it: on the outside of the envelope. And I love the shoes!

  14. You really look terrific Debbie!! Keep it up!

  15. I come to hear you rant.
    I don't understand leaving off the layout diagram either nor the finished sizing measurements.

  16. You are really inspiring me lately to get back on the wagon. I've been up and down so many times the past few years, and I'm sort of "average" right now, but I would SO love to be going "down" again. I'm going to start paying more attention and following your lead!

  17. Wow! You look amazing and so much happier! My favorite outfit is with the burgundy jeans.

  18. I had to laugh at your clown pants line. You have made wonderful progress! Love your new shoes, too.


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