Saturday, October 8, 2011

The IHC Skirt Muslin (Butterick 5574)

So here's the muslin, in a lovely shade of peach with green stripes. Ooo, don't you want some? ;-)

So, I'll probably have to eat my words about CC patterns. Well, at least this one. Figures, right? This is the XL (16), by my measurements, straight out of the envelope. The only changes I need to make are to lengthen it and to remove from the front waist. There are lengthen/shorten lines on the pattern near the hip but I'm going to just add to the bottom because I like where the pleats start and I can't imagine them beginning 4 inches lower. Well actually I can, and I don't like it.

The skirt per the pattern is definitely short — similar to the photo but a lot shorter than the line drawing indicates.And this is without a hem turned up. As we all decided yesterday, my skirts need to hit just below my kneecap. ;-)

The back looks kind of funky because it's just sloppily pinned together in lieu of a zipper and the cotton is Vecro-ing itself to my butt. ;-)

Oh — one more change. I'm also going to omit the sideseam pockets, because … well … they are sideseam pockets. Which is never a good look for me. I'm half-thinking scoop pockets would be good. But do I have enough mojo to actually do them, or will I be lazy and wuss out?

Carolyn - this skirt is a fast cut and sew. It might be worth it to you to just fit the pattern instead of retro-fitting the pleat panels to a TNT skirt, although each method is probably equal time-wise. Although, the pleats are easy and I like how they're formed. And yes, I'm pretty much out of office-appropriate fabrics. Remember, I haven't worked outside my house in more than 20 years. My stash is full of casual fabrics. But not for long, since my sewing eyes are always bigger than my fabric stomach. Or something like that. ;-)

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Parting Rant: This is the photo you see when you land on the Butterick home page. Is that really the best they could do with matching the motifs across the zipper? It's been bugging me for days now.


  1. Okay you know the reason this skirt fits you is because you are no longer wearing a plus size - seriously a XL you have been busy losing weight!

    I'll see when I take it out of the envelope next weekend...which I'm only doing because of you! *smile* Otherwise, I was seriously planning on trashing all of my remaining CC patterns after that last go round.

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out! BTW, what did you order from Fabric Mart? Inquiring minds and all...

  2. I think that skirt is adorable! I love the color on you, even though you obviously don't, and I love the length! I also have always thought you should wear your skirts just a drop shorter! As long as you're not asking... lol!

  3. I so appreciate your detailed explanations as to what changes you will need to be making and how. I find this very helpful. This style of skirt does look good on you.


  4. I don't think I have ever sewn pockets into pants and skirts that I've made for myself. Obviously, I have never made me a pair of jeans!

    I agree with the mismatch of the jacket that Butterick shows. They should have matched the patterns on the center front AND given a "matching tutorial" in the pattern. Fat chance (to coin a phrase)!

  5. OK "enabler." now I have to go back to Hancocks and get this skirt.
    Here is a differnt take in the jacket. As they made it, there is a vertical line clearly visible and the half otifs are perfectly spaced. If they matched the whole motif, the vertical line would become invisible. I love it the way it is.

  6. There is a reason for the disclaimer: not suitable for diagonal prints (fabrics). There is no way to match the prints on the jacket.............Lydia

  7. That Butterick jacket bothers me too - either match that pattern onthe fron or use different fabric if it is impossible to match. Sewing 101, second semester.
    I like that skirt on you - pretty color too

  8. What I've been thinking about for days is my instinct that maybe your hems need to be shorter. . .just sayin'

  9. I am with the last commenter I think shorter is the way to go for you.IMHO

  10. I'm with the Longer Skirt cabal -- I hate above knee skirts in general because they only look good on dkinny women (girls?) who are 5'9" or taller and are short-waisted. You know, the Endless Leg Twiggy types we love to hate. On just about everyone else, longer is way more flattering.

    I can't believe Butterick posted that jacket photo on their web site!! I refuse to believe that, with better planning, a perfect pattern match couldn't be achieved across the zipper. And if it COULDN'T be done, well, that would mean the fabric and pattern weren't compatible and they should have chosen another fabric. What, do they think their customers have such low quality standards that we won't notice, or won't care? I feel insulted!

  11. I like the length on this skirt too, so maybe just add a hems width to the bottom? It hits your legs at a very flattering spot.

  12. The peach is a good color, although I can't see the stripe. I like Carolyn's explanation of why the skirt doesn't fit. Isn't it nice to be "no longer plus size"? You should be proud. And for the "wear your skirts longer" commenters: pffft. You do whatever makes you happy. But I'm with Kathy, Marie and Flynn37. Just sayin'.

  13. Love the skirt; I need to look for the pattern. The side front pleats are different. RE your comment on the jacket...I thought the same thing when I first saw it, but then decided the scalloped edge on either side of the zipper looked kind kind of neat.


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