Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. We had water this morning.
2. We still have water now.
3. I hope this trend continues.
4. I mean, really!
5. I left work at 2 PM today.
6. To go pick up the mustang from the shop.
7. It hasn't been on the road in almost 2 years.
8. The mustang, not the shop.
9. A new 4-barrel Edelbrock carb, intake manifold, water pump, thermostat, other parts and much money later, it's back to being a driveable car.
10. Alex is beyond thrilled.
11. My bank account, not quite as thrilled.
12. But I'm really glad I had enough money from my GREAT JOB to be able to do this for him.
13. We had been sharing my car for a long time.
14. And then I went back to work and sharing was over.
15. Thankfully, he has some good friends who didn't mind shuttling him around for some gas money.
16. After picking up the car, getting the plate renewed, and re-insuring it, we went to dinner.
17. I ate too much.
18. Not really, but more than I usually eat so I guess it *was* too much.
19. And I feel bloated.
20. Which isn't a good feeling no matter what, but especially so when one is trying to fit a skirt.
21. I gave up.
22. The skirt is almost done. I just need to understitch the waist facing, sew up the lining sideseam along the zipper, and hem.
23. But right now all I see and feel is my stomach.
24. And it's been 6 hours since dinner.
25. Note to self: Stop after the salad bar.
26. An hour after I left work, I was getting texted from work about work.
27. How did they get my cell number? Hmmm.
28. But they were panicking over something I had already taken care of before I left.
29. Whew!
30. They apologized for bugging me.
31. I think it's nice to be needed.
32. Time to go brush my teeth in RUNNING WATER and finish watching Project Runway.
33. Tomorrow is our bi-weekly lunch meeting, where lunch is provided.
34. I'm really glad I ordered a salad.


  1. So glad you finally got running water!

  2. Yea!! Running water!
    Know your son appreciates what you do too.

    Joy in Palmland

  3. Yay for running water! And a Happy Birthday!!!

  4. No running water is much worse than not having any hot water! Glad that all is running now, including the car.

  5. Yeah for running water!! Booohoo - I can't watch PR yet. I have to watch on-line and they have been soooo slow this season about getting the new episodes up. Last season they would be up soon after midnight (eastern time). This season - the after runway show is up in the morning (don't like it), but not the actual episode. I like to watch in the morning, not later in the day. OK - now I have griped all over your blog! Let's end on a positive note - how cool that you already had the work done that was needed! I knew that before I even saw what you wrote!

  6. Just a note to say I love this blog,I am also sewing myself a new wardrobe for work and I enjoy watching and reading about what you are making.

    Good Luck getting the job permanently. I am sending good thoughts and good luck your way.

  7. I've lived in a house with a well and being without it sucked big time. At least we had a swimming pool for flushing.

    I know you will be back to normal and working on your skirt before you get this comment, but I gotta say your sewing output is beyond amazing! How do you do it so fast??


  8. Life is good. Project Runway is a major disappointment this season. Their choice of contestants, some of the challenges, the inconsistent judging, the extra time added to the show which allows more time for angst, back-stabbing, and fighting instead of design and creation. I've been watching, but that is all I can say. My husband who usually watches with me and enjoys the show, hates this season. PR seems to have gone the way of many so called "reality shows" and into tacky-land. The producers do not seem to get why people were drawn to Project Runway in the first place.

  9. Your first two random thoughts mirror mine last Saturday around 3PM: Crap! The power just went out! I'm going back to bed. 7PM: Hooray! We have lights, heat and water! Congrats on the Mustang's return, and being well appreciated at work.

    And Happy birthday (if this is the right date, and Happy Friday if it's not).

  10. Per SG, I'm leaving you a comment. Debbie, you look so very beautiful with your glorious smile, really nice new shape, and new job. So glad things are working out for you.



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