Friday, October 28, 2011

Simplicity 1945: Done

Hah! Bet that's not the model you were expecting. lol

Alex came up to the sewing room to say hi after work and then started acting goofy and tried on the sweater I had just finished. So of course I "borrowed" his cell phone and quickly snapped a pic for evidence. I don't realize how much bigger he is than me until I see things like where my sweater hits on him. In my mind, he's still my "little boy," when in reality he's anything but little.

I grabbed the now-french-fry-smelling sweater back and he took a pic of me, but I didn't do a mirror check first and it's hanging horribly, plus it's a little stretched out from the previous model. I'll get a better pic over the weekend. With the batwing sleeves, it's not a favorite design in terms of flattering, but it's so soft and snuggly that I'm sure it will get a LOT of wear when the temps are low.

Now that it's off the sewing table, I can spread out for my sister's embroidery project, which is up next while the baseball game is on.

And the jeans I'm wearing? I wore them to work today. Yep. Jeans for me on Jeans Friday for the first time. It felt weird and comfortable at the same time, although my office wardrobe is not uncomfortable at all and I've rather been enjoying being dressed up every day. But today was a low-key day at the office, with yet another Halloween goodies party at 3 PM and it was gray and rainy all day. Jeans were the ticket. If I were eating sweets, I would've gained 15 lbs by now. ;-)


  1. Loved the photo of Alex-gave me a giggle immediately. Boys really love their mums- and this is evidence!

  2. It is so nice to see Alex again - what a cutie - love his sense of humor - and he obviously loves his Mom.

  3. Where was the spew alert? I certainly wasn't expecting to see Alex wearing your clothes. :) Great pic though.

  4. Love the random sights of your sewing room. Gave me some storage ideas. How many machines do you have?

  5. Eveytime you post a picture of yourself - you look skinnier!

    So nice to see your son, he looks like a great young man and he's very lucky to have you as a MOM, too. Have been reluctant to sew a 'cardi wrap' but now seeing this one and the download wrap that you did I am rethinking the whole 'wrap' sewing. They look great.

  6. Cute sweater and very cute picture of Alex in the sweater.

  7. This is such a cute post-what's evident is you and your son have a great relationship. I like the sweater, bat wings and all, great job.

  8. The model switch is too funny! ;) But it looks like an awesome cardigan. I have two of this style, but with shorter sleeves, and they're nice to wear in a chilly office.


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