Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slow But Steady

It still looks like a mess, but I'm making progress in here. I expect I'll have it 99.99% finished by the end of the day. Which means I might even be able to sew something soon. But that's putting the cart before the horse.

The Ikea shelves are back together, in place, and halfway loaded. The good news is the bins still to be unpacked take up a lot of room in a box so the remainder of the boxes should go fairly quickly.

Machines still in their boxes, but on my sewing table waiting their turn.

Fabric closet coming along. Here's a tip – if you're going to be moving your fabric closet, take a pic or two before you pack it up. That way you know approximately where the piles should go back to and, more importantly, what's still missing. All I had to do was look back in my blog and I had a road map to start from.

Unfortunately, what you can't see from these few pics is that there is still plenty of sewing room stuff still outside of the sewing room. Oops. My cup overfloweth. ;-)

My biggest concern is my cutting table. It's still on the front porch (yes, really), where it was parked on moving day because it's too big to fit through the door easily. We already had to take one shelf out of it to get it out of the old sewing room. It wouldn't be a huge deal to take it apart outside and put it back together inside, but I'm not sure yet if that will actually work. Since STBExH made it, who knows how it's really put together, and I already know for sure he painted over the screws. I don't know how much time/effort I'm willing to spend on it vs. just replacing it. I'll let you know.

My long weekend will be spent unpacking. I also only work on Tuesday next week and then I'm off again until the following Monday, by which point I'm DETERMINED that EVERYTHING will be put away. I may still have some pictures to hang, but I'm so tired of the boxes that I'm willing to spend "vacation" dealing with them once and for all.


  1. You have gotten a lot of work done in your new should feel very good about it! By the end of next week, you'll be ready to give house tours. Seriously, everything is starting to look great.

  2. It's really looking like the end is in sight and you'll have a great sewing room again.

  3. I am SO jealous right now!

  4. You must be so proud of yourself...and you should be!

  5. Oh unpacking and organizing always feels so good - doesn't it? Enjoy - I do hope you find time to sew this weekend! g

  6. Goodness you have made a lot of progress, by the end of the week I am sure you will have everything finished-and you can nip to IKEA for a new cutting table.

  7. From what I can see you're making fantastic progress and you do have enough time off to get everything squared away. Also the room looks so light and airy that it will be fun to spend quality time in it!

  8. Moving can be so much work. You are making such wonderful progress though. You'll be sewing in no time.

  9. It looks like it's going to be a really great sewing room!

  10. Good luck! Looks great so far. I confessed to the Hubs this morning that I was trying to sew up my stash before it took over the house....but it looks like you might be ahead of me on that front!

  11. What?!?
    You aren't finished unpacking yet?!?!?

    I think the only thing that is preventing me from moving is the thought of packing and unpacking my stuff!

    Think how happy you'll be when you finish your first garment in your new space!

  12. I work in a job that use three acronyms to describe each and every thing. They say they are only using one but in the same document, they will use the second because that way NO ONE can read it and actually understand the "need to complete this today!!!" memo.
    Your "STBExH" was so easy.
    Can you teach the mgmt at my job how to write acronym-lingo?

  13. Wow! Are you fast! At the rate you're going, you'll be able to use some of next week's vacation time to actually sew, lounge around the pool, or whateve you want. Kudos!

  14. Did you take your Ikea shelves all the way apart. I have one in my sewing room in the basement that cannot get up the stairs for our move. Is it easy to take apart and reasemble.
    I have been using your coverstitch tutorials. Thanks so much.
    Dina in Ottawa


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