Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Internet Is a Very Dangerous Place

I was very good at keeping my debit card in my wallet when Shannon posted pics of her New Look 6802 dress, even though I've had that posting open on my lappie in a separate window for a week and keep sneaking peeks at it every day. I think I even have that fabric.

But then today, Cennetta posted pics of her make of Simplicity 2181 (aka It's So Easy 1849) and I just couldn't help myself. I ran to the Simplicity website. At work.

Not only did those two patterns FLY into my cart, but four other friends of theirs followed along. So, these six patterns will soon be landing on my doorstep.

I got the cheaper It's Sew Easy version, cuz I really just want this one style.

With and without sleeves, it's definitely getting made this summer.

I really like both views a lot.

LOVE this. It will probably be first up.

I know I already have essentially this pattern at least two times over, but I still can't resist a twist.

For the drape neck top.

So, yeah. The internet is a very dangerous place. For my wallet.


  1. I have that last one, the drape came out nice.

  2. LOL!! I was inspired by Shannon's dress too, but I managed to keep it to just making a blouse out of that fabric. I think we ALL have some in stash!
    Of course, I already have all but 1 of those patterns, so perhaps that has something to do with my restraint... *blush* if you can call it that.

  3. ummmm, if I don't shop at work when would I? *LOL* And secondly, did you buy these in your "new" size? Finally, great patterns!

  4. It is dangerous, you are so very right! It's one of the reasons I'm on financial restriction right this minute. Your pics are fab! I've made NL 6901, NL 6940 and have just tonight cut out my fourth top from Simplicity 2181 (made view c three times, and am about to make view d). Now you've got me wanting NL 6802. Just put it on my patterns to get list.

  5. Debbie, Glad to help with your recent pattern purchase. Lol. If it is any comfort, your not the only one trying to keep the debit card in your wallet. Sometimes it scares me to think about the number of patterns I have. But I continue to want more. I see at least three in this post I'd like to have. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll make from these beauties.
    Happy Sewing!


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