Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Little Shopping

Today was Walmart day. You know how I love me some cheap crap from that place. Remember these shoes I recently bought?

Well, I just love them. So today, I bought them in brown too. AND another duplicate pair in black because, well, they're WALMART shoes and they won't last and I've been wearing the heck out of the first pair. Now I can delay the inevitable a little longer.

I also bought this dress. Seventeen bucks. I'm loving dresses for work, especially now that I've let the pantyhose go bye-bye. It takes me 4 minutes to get dressed in the morning. Not counting the shower, hair, and make-up, of course. ;-)

The last interesting bits from the Walmart run this morning are a new bracelet and ring. Excuse the wrinkled old lady hand. Good god, when did THAT happen? Tonight is the first of what will be at least monthly girls' nights out with a few single friends from work. We're going to go see Magic Mike (because who cares about plot when you have half-nekkid men on the screen, and one of them is Matthew Mc - hi Belinda!!). Did you know it's set in Tampa? That will be an extra fun bonus, although I've heard they've taken liberties with location accuracy. Then we're going for dinner and drinks. I'm wearing the new jumper/dress and the new "jewels." But probably flat shoes to keep things more casual, although I may cave for the brown shoes above. And next weekend my sister will be here sans hubby and there will be more going out on the town. Yay, I *have* a life after all.

After Walmart, I fell off the fabric wagon and got these ITY lovelies from I'm in a brights mood and most of what's in my stash is earth tones. These WILL get sewn up before they become part of the stash. We still have MONTHS of summer to go, so once they're made into dresses, they will get plenty of wear.

Parting Shot: These goodies arrived from Japan from the Marine.The chocolates were melty, but still tasted fine. Oops. Did I just admit to eating them? All at once? ;-) Alex has taken over the beverages. I wish I could send him (Tyler, not Alex) on a Japanese sewing book/notions trip but I wouldn't know where/what.


  1. YEAH FOR...
    life going on
    wonderful new fabric
    occasional chocolate
    a sister's visit
    moving on...moving on!

  2. Those are some pretty fabrics...made me head over to and look at the ITY knits again. But thankfully none of them came home with me since I'd recently bought some. The ones you bought are going to make very pretty dresses!

  3. Pretty fabrics. Somebody knows where to go to get the Japanese sewing books and notions. Just put the word out :)

  4. Don't forget to post a "Magic Mike" review!

  5. Glad you are having fun! It must help to have the move/settling in behind you. And you are building a great new wardrobe for the new you!

  6. What a nice set of treats.
    I am hoping to visit Japan next year and have a collection of blog posts and fabric acquistion information by other people - purely for research purposes:)
    My husband thinks we will be looking at woodworking and climbing Mt Fuji. Ha!.

  7. Well... it's good to see that you are having a ball! Love bright colours myself so I am a little envious of your buys... Go for it and love the Bling!

  8. Mmm, good purchases! And you sure do love a print :))

  9. Cute stuff Debbie. If you know what you are looking for from Japan I can message the mother of our exchange student. She LOVES to send me things! We recently sent him home and I am missing him a lot. We are going to have his sister here for a couple of days in August and then we are hoping she comes for the entire school year in 2013-14. They have a lovely family and are willing to share their culture generously so I am sure if I asked, she would send! His aunt sews and has sent me several purses and bags that she made for me - awesome! Just let me know and I would be happy to share anything she sends. Virginia in Saginaw, MI

  10. That's pretty mild compared to what I've seen from Japan, my favorite being little cookies that had a dab of chocolate nougat in the middle and on top of that was a tiny dried fish. They weren't bad.

  11. Oy I cannot stay out of the Japanese cookie / desert shop here in NYC. There are so many to choose from :-) . As for Japanese notions, again there are so many to choose from.

    The fabrics are quite lovely; cannot wait to see the garments. Enjoy Magic Mike!

  12. I love your new fabrics. Have Tyler get you some 50mm pins they are fabulous. I get them online from, the only thing I can understand on the label is the #50. It took me 20 years to find them after I took a class and the teacher had them for sale.

  13. Love the new colorful fabrics!
    Enjoy the movie's scenery!

  14. You have such great luck at Wal*Mart! I can't even bear to go in the store. Maybe it's my narrow feet, but I have serious trouble finding shoes.

    I, too, would like a review of the movie. ;-)

  15. The Tomato Store in Tokyo is legendary. I doubt if you could get a Marine to go in there though.

    Marilyn D.

  16. Love those fabrics! And I love me some great chocolate, and don't care if it's a little melty. And hooray for Walmart selling cheap crap so we don't care if it wears out or we get bored with it, and you can always take apart a great dress and copy it at their prices.

    And I want to see Magic Mike, but I am pretty certain hubster won't sit through it. Maybe I can take one or more of my daughters. What you said about the plot is true, after all!

  17. Hey Deb, I know where to send the Marine on a sewing reconnaissance! Send him to the local department store, like Dayeh Takashimaya or something, and the sewing area is usually in the basement. The sewing books and magazines are sold in a regular bookstore, like Kinokuniya Good luck!

  18. I really love my red clover notions. They are unique in the US and I've stocked up anytime I can get someone to go in Japan for me.

    I have an intern right now who speaks and write Japanese. If you are interested, I can have her get directions to the store and write out descriptions of the items. She's awesome like that, LOL.

    Oh, Japanese nail polish is also supposed to be something amazing too.

  19. Debbie - what a nice pressy to get from japan. I think you know Vonnevo from PR(Australia). I'm sure she'd be happy to point you in the right direction re shopping in Japan. She's done it a few times with some local help I think. Just a thought.


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