Monday, July 16, 2012

New Look 6097: Wearable Muslin

My Simplicity/New Look patterns arrived in Saturday's mail. You should've seen the HUGE box that 6 patterns arrived in. Sheesh. But I digress.

I don't usually make wearable muslins. But since this pattern is straightforward enough, and I used my TNT Ottobre tee and Magic Pencil skirt as comparisons for sizing, AND I have brown/white and/or brown/ivory prints up the wazoo, I'm plunging ahead with real fabric. So this will either be wearable or it will be a wadder. And one piece of the brown prints will be out of the stash.

Even though the envelope has sizes 6-22 in the same envelope, the pattern pieces are not grouped all together so you can easily blend between neighboring sizes. What that means is I had to rough-cut the 3 groupings for each bodice piece (left and right are separate) and lay them over each other so I could have all the size lines visible through the tissue to blend between sizes. The waist edge at the front overlay was a little fiddly since it's pleated. I had to fold the pleats in place and then blend outward, make my blended-size cut, and unfold the pleats so the cut would include the extensions into the seam allowance. So, thumbs down to New Look for the non-consecutive groupings.

I had hoped to be further along but I had to re-do the neckline. Twice. Grrr. First I didn't stretch the clear elastic enough. Then too much. Then I was out of clear elastic so I just used regular 3/8" elastic and called it done.

Hopefully more progress will happen during the week after work since there won't be any sewing next weekend with my sister her visiting.


  1. Children's patterns by the big four always have their sizes ungrouped, too. It drives me crazy because my older two are excessively thin, they usually wear the smallest size in width (3 or 6 months) but I have to make clothing much longer for them as in RTW they are 3T and 4T.

  2. I can relate to your frustration about the pattern sizes not being nested together. Sometimes, it's even worse. The sizes you need are in two different pattern envelops! Urgh!
    It's a pretty fabric. I hope your dress works out.

  3. I love this pattern and bought it recently. I won't be making it until the weather warms up a bit, but I really look forward to seeing yours made up in the meantime!

  4. It's looking good so far, so I think it will be a 'wearer'! Love the fabric and pattern x

  5. Debbie, sometime will you give some advice for using clear elastic. I tried it once and it was a huge failure -- stretched clear out of shape -- but I hear about people using it for knit neclines, gathers, etc, and would love to know the tricks. Thanks and love your blog.

  6. I like this pattern. Your version looks good so far.

  7. Hi I just found your blog via pattern view where I was reading your baby lock cover stitch review. Thank you so much for this blog . I love your dresses I've not been a dress wearer for years all tops skirts and pants Your dresses are beautiful and gosh I want to make the New Look one with pockets What kind of fabric do you use? Is it a knit or woven silk or cotton or polyester I have fabric stores in my area so I don't have to go on line to get fabric ... But I can to get the soft flowing kind of fabric you are using that dress well really the dresses I have seen of yours drap over your body so well so I want to know what kind to buy to get that look/feel Colleen


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