Friday, July 18, 2008

Revving Up the Mojo

No photos of anything today. Not even the dogs. It's been a busy week with actual overtime for my at-home job and I'm being lazy. I can't remember the last time I was *paid* for overtime. LOL!

But once the work week was over today, I was up in the sewing room. Well, OK, after dinner really. I cut out another Jalie Sweetheart top, using the soon-to-be infamous "Bold Boho Chic Jersey." You know the one. Gigi made a Cosmo dress from it, Summerset made a top *and* a tankini, Karen made a tee, Cidell made a maxi dress, and EricaB just came home with some from her NY trip. Though the print is extremely distinctive, all of these pretty garments look different because of each sewer's unique cutting layout and patterns used. That's a pretty cool fabric (and sewers!) that can do that.

I'll be sewing tomorrow, after a run to the grocery store. We're the Old Mother Hubbard family here right now and the boys are starting to melt away. ;-) Yeah, right.

I also cut out some new Ottobre PJ tops during the week, and I have fabric out to cut coordinating PJ pants. Those will be quick projects, but will have to wait until after the Jalie top is done.

Right now it's off to fold the laundry load that I forgot about. Thankfully it's mostly socks and tee shirts, so the wrinkles won't matter.


  1. Add me to the list, I just finished a top from that fabric. Can't wait to see yours.

  2. Laundry....blah! Lucky me, my hubby actually likes to do laundry! (I knew the man was not quite right LOL) Sew your top first! You need something just for Debbie!

  3. I made a minidress from it 2 weeks ago as well.


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