Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting There

OK, I swear I'm buying a new camera with my next paycheck. Grrr. I can never get a non-fuzzy photo anymore. It can't be me, right? ;-)

So, here is where the blouse is tonight. Hems and buttons/buttonholes and I should be able to call it done. Except …

The front waist darts are bugging me. I really think I need to move them further toward the sideseams. You can't see them in the photo but trust me. They are not centered under the apex and they should be. I suppose ripping and resewing a couple of darts I should've pin-tested anyway is a small price to pay for not needing an FBA with this pattern.

The sleeves are also only just OK. They're fine now, but I'm still flashing back to setting them into the armholes. For the next version, I need to remove some cap ease. These were a BEAR and shouldn't have been. One commenter said she had a problem with them too. But I think the problem I had was probably self-inflicted, since I cut down the sleeve pattern and the armhole separately and didn't walk the seams to test them together. But hey, no shoulder width adjustment necessary which is a first in the Big 3/4 for me.

All in all, though, I'm generally very happy with this pattern and my new blouse. The only thing I don't like and can't change is the paisley placement. Oh well, it could've been worse.

I'm not sure if I'm going to get to finish it before Sunday. Tomorrow night I have a work dinner meeting and Friday night and Saturday all-day, a conference. I'm finally going to be able to wear some of those office clothes I made last April. And the weather is cooperating by cooling off, so I might even dig out some of the pantyhose too. But we'll see on that. LOL!


  1. Ooh, pantyhose - must be important, lol. How cool that you finally get to wear the 'work' clothes. I like the blouse. With regards to the waist darts - should they always be below the apex? I've got the Ottobre 2-2006-17 jacket cut out and it has 2 front waist darts, the taller of which is still to the outside of the apex. Do you think I need to move them? The horizontal dart is in the right place though.

  2. I say go ahead and move the darts. I'm always so much happier with a garment after doing a tedious but relatively simple adjustment that I find, after the fact, it's worth it. Love the blouse!

  3. Really like the print and color...looks great! And the paisley placement did not even come to mind until you mentioned it so I think it is just fine!!

  4. I had the same problem with the waist darts so I don't think it's you. Evidently CC has made certain assumptions about where I boobs ought to be positioned. Blouse looks good to me.

  5. I forgot to look closely at the paisley placement after you mentioned it so it must not be noticeable. I knew you would get to wear those pretty clothes -that's always the way it is with extra nice clothing- some unusual event happens and you need it pronto. I have to do the pantyhose thing in winter- February legs are not a nice sight if they are mine. The blouse is really pretty - nice fabric and construction.mssewcrazy

  6. Yeah, the weather here's cooling off, too. We had another 4" of snow yesterday.

    I like your blouse, and I hate moving darts, too. Great that you're sticking with it, because you'll have another great pattern when you're done!

  7. Didn't even notice the paisley placement, you goob. I'd move the darts too, but it looks really good right now too.

  8. Debbie,
    Before investing in a new camera, try a tripod. It will hold the camera very still and minimize blurring (also be sure you have fresh batteries). I use the timer and have the camera set to take up to 10 pictures, one right after the other with about 2 seconds between shots. This way I can get a view of all angles (front, sides & back) I have been taking self-photos this way for a while and am pretty happy with the way they turn out.
    (even after looking specifically at the paisley placement, I don't think it is something anyone except yourself would notice as you wear the blouse-you should wear it proudly!)


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