Tuesday, August 29, 2006

About the shelving

A few readers have commented here and privately about the shelving, wondering what it is and where to get it, so I thought I'd answer here in case others were also curious.

It's track shelving from Home Depot, brand name Closet Maid, and this stuff is GREAT! Very, very easy to install. Much easier than the wire shelving that fits into brackets which must be leveled and installed separately, like this. With the track shelving, the only part which has to be installed level is the main/header track across the top. You can sort of see the header track in this old pic of my previous sewing closet (and the Home Depot pic linked below).

Next, you slide on the vertical rails shown below and secure them with screws or toggle bolts into the wall (depends on your wall).

Next, the brackets which hold up the shelves snap into place in slots on the vertical rails. These are completely reconfigurable if your needs change since they snap in/out easily and when/wherever you want.

The last step is to snap the wire shelving into the brackets. Again, the shelves are removable and reconfigurable, no tools necessary.

We reused shelving from the previous house so some of these are doubled-up which you can see at the left side.

Otherwise, the shelving is sold by the foot and a Home Depot person will custom cut it to the length you specify.

Here is a pic from the Home Depot website which shows one configuration. There are also lots of options you can add-on besides just shelves -- hanger poles, drawers, shoe racks, and more.


  1. looks a lot like the elfa closet system (though i bet cheaper). i have elfa in my closet, and it was so easy to install.

    fabulous stash closet -- is it better than a stash bathroom, though? :)

  2. Does anyone else look at the ads for closet systems and wonder what planet those people live on? Monochromatic, space in between garments...that would never fly in my house.

    I'd love to see one with a real-life wardrobe of clothes that fit, clothes that almost fit, clothes that I hope to fit and clothes that I love that don't match much in it... ;)

    BTW, your stash closet looks fabulous. How long will it stay that neat? :D

  3. I really like that system. I have the regular wire shelving which is such a pain to install so I'm glad you showed this. I want to redo a couple of my closets and this would be perfect.


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