Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday This and That

Sorry, it's Monday and I'm all out of witty post titles. ;-) My brain is also a bit over-caffeinated so I'm wandering around in different directions in this post. Grab your compass!

First, on the Stitcher's Guild message board I saw a link to a fascinating Discovery Channel "How It's Made" video which shows the industrial methods & machines for making a pair of jeans, start to finish. I thought I'd share it here in case you don't read SG. It's worth the watch. Click here.

Next, I did actually finish my black yoga pants yesterday and I'll be wearing these a lot. Can you believe this is the only pair of black pants I own? The fit is pretty good — perfect from the front, so I'll only look at the front. ;-) The back has some crotch smiles so I still need more thunder-thighs room for the next pair. Not a big deal to fix. I need to clear away the project debris in the sewing room so I have a clear view to the mirror. Then I'll post a pic or two. Note to self: Remind DH to hang the dang mirror already.

This morning, I transferred my fit-as-you-go alterations to the pattern paper (yes, I actually cut a Kwik Sew pattern!) and started laying it out on the bengaline. It ain't gonna fit. At least not without some creativity. So I've stalled and will have to regroup. I'm thinking I could do a crotch gusset, since it's the mega back crotch point (thunder-thighs, remember?) that is making the pieces just a bit too wide to lay side by side. In case I didn't mention it, the stretch in stretch bengaline runs lengthwise, not widthwise as you'd expect. Otherwise, I'd have more than enough.

I'm about out of time to make good on my 2006 resolutions so this one will have to roll over for 2007, but a project I've wanted to do is a tailored, lined jacket. I don't have anywhere to actually wear such a jacket, but I still want to do this just to do it. Over the weekend, I ordered the Palmer/Pletsch "Jackets for Real People" DVD. I have the companion book on fitting, but I wanted the video so I could watch Marta Alto constructing jackets. The other P/P construction videos I have have all been well-made, so I expect to enjoy this latest DVD too.

This is one of the candidates. I've been reading the "couture" instructions and am morbidly fascinated. I say "morbidly" because I'm so NOT a hand-sewer. But, still, something is calling to me and I'm thinking I might just try it. If I do, it will likely be 2008 before I'm done because this isn't something I could work on exclusively until it's done.

I've also got tons of current and back issues of Burda WOF, each containing multiple jackets. As long as I have my other resources for construction steps and info, those are a possibility too.


  1. Thanks for the jeans link,Debbie.I watched in fascination/horror-creative sewing it isn't! I couldn't do that job all day,no matter how much I was paid,though I DO have a choice.

  2. I saw a number of machines I did not recognize in that video ... but the one that stitched the belt on looked like one of those Clover Bias tape makers on steroids! Was that a coverstitch that they used to stitch the pockets onto the facing?

    Like the look of the pants from the front. I son't have a really relaxed pair of pants, yet. If I don't like the HP pair in the "roundtoit" pile, I may try these ones.
    ANd yes, I also cut my KS patterns. But not the kids ones ... those have to last 2 kids of different sizes ... But I have stopped tracing my own sizes.

  3. That couture jacket is lovely. Are those pockets on the front or just seamlines? Pockets on hips=bad (for me) but I'm quite tempted anyway. Great hourglass shape.

  4. Debbie as I'm also fascinated with jackets, I'm taking the Couture hand stitches class with Susan K on PR next month. Hopefully this will teach me that I am capable of it, and I can move from simple unlined serged jackets to one that pattern.

  5. Thanks for posting that jeans video, Debbie. Amazing. Twelve minute jeans? Not from my studio. Wonder how much all that equipment cost....

  6. One pair of black pants. It can't be true!

  7. Debbie, Great jeans video. I love the tube thing that turns them inside out. Wishing I had one for my work place (prosecutor's office)....(where IS that devil emoticon??) What fun!!!

    The jacket pattern is a beautiful choice. The construction would freak me out...but it's beautiful.

  8. Hi Debbie, it's Sherril but I don't know how to log into these things. I just wanted to say that I'm with you wanting to make a tailored jacket, but having absolutely no use for it. Right now in my tailoring class all the skinny girls are making that Clare Schaffer jacket. I'd love to see you make it up in a real woman's size. My jacket is almost done and it's turning out great. I hope I get to wear it before the moths eat it up. My teacher insisted on wool as it is easy to tailor, and I must say I agree with her.


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