Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jeans, Installment #2

A fresh start after a good night's sleep yields a fly with the zipper sewn correctly this time.

I cut a fly shield from the same cotton fabric as the pockets. I like these little pretty touches that only I will see in normal day-to-day wear. They make me happy.

Next, onto the back pockets.

I baste both pieces together, all the way around.

Then I press the seam allowances toward each pocket wrong side, remove the basting and voila! Two identical pockets with the seam allowances already pressed back.

I fused some black interfacing to the wrong side of the top fold and then overlocked the edge. The last step of back pocket prep is to topstitch across the tops. I'll set these aside until the pants are complete. I know most instructions have you sew on the pockets while the pants back is still flat, but I like to decide on placement when my butt is actually in the pants. It's easy enough to sew the pockets on when the pants are already sewn together.

Next up is basting the jeans together for an initial try-on. I'm very tempted to skip this step since theoretically I've already altered this pattern and the pants should fit, but I know if I do skip it, I'll wish I hadn't. So, the basting step wins.

* * * * *

While I'm sewing, DH has decided to install the baseboards in the foyer. After he finishes those, I'm guessing he'll be begging to go to Home Depot for more baseboard for the freshly painted upstairs landing. He's already "reminded" me that I agreed to start tearing apart the family room after Christmas. Yes, it's now officially "after Christmas," but I'm in a sewing zone so the family room won't be happening today. ;-)


  1. Jeans are looking great so far. Thanks for the helpful pocket tips.

    Wish I'd get in the "sewing zone"!!! Ok, maybe tomorrow... (shrug/sigh)

  2. What a great tip for the pockets! As always I am in awe of your sewing.

  3. Debbie, do you use a template for your fly topstitching? Yours is so well done and I am very envious!


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