Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jeans, Installment #3

I sewed the back darts and decided to sew the sideseams with a regular stitch and then baste the inseams and crotch seam, a "quasi" baste. That way if the fit is as I'm expecting, I won't have to rip out the sideseam stitching. Today is a Good Sewing Day because the initial try-on tells me the jeans are going to fit. Woo hoo!

I ripped out the basting and then overlocked and topstitched the sideseams. Every little vertical line helps. ;-)

I restitched the inseams with a permanent stitch and overlocked the seam allowances. Yes, I should really start using the 5-thread capabilities of my serger but, well, I don't. Old dog and all that. Speaking of serging … have you noticed the brown serger thread for the green pants? Hey, I won't tell anyone if you don't. ;-)

The center back seam is left still unsewn at this stage because the waistband is a 2-piece contoured band with a center back seam. The pants and waistband CB seams will be sewn as one after the waistband is attached and final-fitted.

Speaking of the waistband, that's what was next. I sewed the print facings to the outer waistband pieces and pressed them flat, rolling the upper edge a bit.

Next I attached the two waistband sections to the pants waist. The center backs are still unsewn.

The center backs are now pinned and ready to be sewn. Which is my next step. I'll see you back here for Installment #4.

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