Friday, December 29, 2006

Mad-Dash New Top

Well, I did it. Wednesday night I quickly made a top to wear to the family outing on Thursday. And I love it! I already said that my first version of this top was my new favorite and this confirms it. I love this pattern (from Burda WOF, 06/2005 #111). Now I think this one is my new favorite.

I had to scratch my head a bit before I decided how to make this one. Not because of the pattern, but because of the fabric(s). As the photos below show, the body of top is made from two separate fabrics. The outer fabric is a very sheer, very soft mesh knit. The underlayer is a solid fleshtone nylon blend knit, with properties very similar to EmmaOneSock's buttermilks but a bit lighter-weight.

I decided to treat the two fabrics as one. My original idea was to make the outer layer "float" over the underlayer at the bottom bodice sections but, frankly, I was short on time and sewing them as one throughout the whole construction process was just quicker. It turned out really well so I'm happy with my decision. The top fabric even still "floats" over the underlayer when I move. It's a nice effect.

The photo below shows the underside of the top. Yes, I'm still with the brown serger thread. Hey, I said I was pressed for time. OK, and lazy too. ;-)

When we showed up at my mom's cousin's house today, my mom immediately started telling cousin Susan, "Debbie made that top. Isn't it pretty?" Now I hadn't seen my mom in a couple of months and she doesn't read my blog, so of course I had to ask her how she knew as soon as I walked in the door that I had made the top. Mom's answer? "Well, I know you make all of your clothes now so I figured you had made that too." LOL! Nice little backwards compliment, I think.

Here's a pic of me in the top after our return. Pardon the wrinkled pants.


  1. Great looking outfit, Debbie. I love the top and can see why it is one of your favorites.

  2. Cute top Debbie and the fabric is great. Hey, just a thought about that brown serger thread--if you become famous, just think, folks will be able to determine if it is a Debbie "original" by it's brown serger thread!!!

  3. I really, really like this version - I love that shear fabric that you used. This top looks fantastic on you, no wonder it's one of your favorites!

  4. Very cute top Debbie. Love the fabric and the fit, as usual, is excellent.


  5. Great outfit, Debbie. You are so inspiring. Thank you!

  6. Well done Debbie! You must have nerves of steel to tackle a garment in double layers the evening before. I love it. Is that the new jeans you made?
    I think Threads has a new (pants) pattern out, or maybe it is same with a different envelope and number but the pants pictured seem very similar. Sorry, I don't have the number on hand. Will drop by later with it.

  7. Lovely top. What great fabric!!


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