Tuesday, December 26, 2006

MythBusters, Mentos & Teenage Boys

I'm sure you've all seen one or more of these videos

The Discovery Channel show MythBusters is one of our favorite shows and today they were running a rerun in which they "tested" the Diet Coke & Mentos experiments. Silly me, I mentioned within hearing range of my sons how surprised I was that they hadn't actually tried it yet themselves, and then I went back upstairs to my sewing room.

Ten minutes later, they're back from the store and this is the set-up in the front yard:

And this is their result.

Yep. It works. ;-)


  1. I saw that episode (we love Mythbusters at our house too) - my husband wanted to try that experiment too! Maybe instead of New Year's fireworks, we'll try this experiment instead.

  2. we had a whole group of kids trying this out in our cul de sac a few months ago. we discovered that diet soda worked better than regular soda. they had great fun figuring out various methods of getting the mentos into the soda for maximum spew factor. it was messy, but loads of fun!

  3. Debbie, hubby and son both want to do this as well and had planned to work on it next week ... your photos have reinforced their plans!


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