Thursday, December 21, 2006

Next on the list

I went to the grocery store yesterday and loaded up on cookie baking supplies. Tomorrow I start in. Today I continued painting doors. I started with one in the living room on Tuesday and then got on a roll. That one is done, 3 coats later.

I also painted the double doors that lead into the dining room from the kitchen. I was SO tired of looking at the dull white primer coat and holes for the missing knobs. The new knobs had been sitting on my kitchen counter mocking me for about 3 months, I think. Maybe longer. Those doors took 2 coats, but I only painted the fronts and sides today. Hopefully, I'll still be motivated to paint the backs (dining room sides) tomorrow while cookies are baking.

The last door was the bi-fold front hall closet door. First coat only, and then my light ran out. Plus, I'm going to have to empty the closet to get to the areas of the frame that show when it's open. We actually have winter coats in there. Hahahahahaha!! It's 80 degrees outside.

So, whose bright idea was it to paint all the dark doors semi-gloss white anyway?? Oh yeah. Mine. ;-) I figure at this rate I'll have all the doors in the house done by the time DS#2 graduates college (he's 14 now).

Now that I'm in house mode this week, I'm optimistic that I can convince DH to paint the walls up the stairs that connect with the foyer and also paint the ceiling over the stairs while I'm baking tomorrow and Saturday. There's no way that anyone could pay me enough money to get on a ladder that high, balance, and paint. I hate open heights. But DH says he's fine with it. He may want to eat his words. I'll give him some cookies instead. ;-) Those walls have been painted as far up as I'll go for about a year now. Ugh. I'm so SICK of looking at them half finished. And we have the paint, so it's not like it's going to cost us anything extra to just get it done. Unless I get tired of the color before we ever get it finished. See, more incentive for DH to start in.

We've also agreed to tear apart the family room after Christmas and lay the floor in there. Before we start the floor, though, we have to demolish the ugly brick hearth that runs the width of the room and sticks out almost 2 feet. I want the floor space. We're going to cover up the fireplace (with furniture) for now because, really, who the heck needs a fireplace in Florida? And hey, we always have the campfire out in the yard. So that will be a bigger project than just laying the floor, but once we get that done we can unpack lots of boxes, move the rest of the furniture-in-waiting out of the dining room where it's just being stored, and soon thereafter finally finish the dining room. I'm starting to see a teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy light at the end of the tunnel. We still have a long way to go in this Money Pit, but we are making some progress. Yay!

As for sewing … that's on my list too. I can only paint for so long so I know I'll be firing up my machines again really soon. In fact, I'm thinking of heading up to the sewing room right now and deciding on my next project.


  1. Wow - I'm tired just reading about all the house stuff you need to work on,bu those doors look really nice. And it appears from the baking supplies that you'll be baking lots and lots tomorrow. We had our large baking day last weekend. Hope you have as much fun as we did!

  2. oh my! this is sure a lot of work. I need to do the same thing at my house. You just got me motivated. I saw a Martha Stewart show and she removed all her doors and painted them on a saw horse. I thought that was how I HAD to do it? did you remove yours? please tell me no. By the way, I randomly found your blog on a sewing search if your wondering who the heck I am! please check out my blog sometime.


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