Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So what did YOU do last night?

Christmas shopping? Wrapping presents? Baking? Bah Humbug! ;-)

My younger son decided he wanted to camp out in the yard with his friend. DH dug a firepit and the boys gathered dead wood from the property. Sometime around 10 PM we all (DH, DS#1, me, and the 2 original campers) gravitated to the fire, and there we all five sat until nearly 3 AM. Make that seven, to include the dog and the cat who were hanging out with us too.

There were some late-night runs into the woods on the ATV for more firewood, experiments in burning items from the trash, roasting marshmallows and making S'Mores (mmmm), roasting hot dogs and feeding them to the dog as well as themselves, trying to cook an egg on a brick (don't ask), and lots of jokes, bodily emissions (from the men), and general silliness. I had quite a glimpse into what goes on when they're off at their male-bonding camping trips.

DS#1 pulled out a sleeping bag and joined the two younger boys in the tent for the night. I slept in my bed, thankyouverymuch.

The firepit is still hot this morning and the boys are now on another wood run for Campfire #2 tonight. Last night was fun, but I think I'll let tonight be an entirely male experience. ;-)


  1. Debbie, the last time I looked it's WINTER....our temps were in the teens last night.

    Ok, I admit it, I'm jealous.

    Sounds like alot of fun (except for the bodily emissions).

    If I could camp out at night in my backyard, I'd do it, too!!

    Merry Christmas,
    who lives no where near Florida, but in central Washington state.

  2. Debbie, that looks SO FUN. The only time I like being outside in Florida is in the winter. . .

    I guess your guys are out for the holiday already -- enjoy!

  3. I don't camp either - if it doesn't have tile bathrooms, I'm not up for it!

    I can't imagine it being warm enough to camp! The western half of our state is getting so much snow the highway is closed (fortunately, we're staying warm enough we're only getting rain).

  4. Sounds and looks like great fun to me! Reminds me of my youth, camping on vacation. Good times!

    I used to do the camping-outside- in-the-front-yard thing with girlfriends when I was in high school. Too many of them turned into fraidy cats at the sound of the nightly creatures...bullfrogs and ducks, etc. Bah.

    I did some wrapping last night but would have gladly been sitting along side your group, enjoying that fire. However, my ole back won't cooperate with sleeping in a tent anymore, so that the boys can have!

  5. What a neat way to step away from all the fuss of the season and just be a family! Great memories were made that night in the woods, I think!

  6. Oh what fun!! My kind of camping too as you got to sleep in a comfortable bed and wake up to a civilised hot shower. ;-) I like your idea of Christmas! Camping in the front yard with family is the best present of all. Can you have a word to my MIL please? LOL!

  7. What a fun evening for family, sounds like your had such fun. Enjoy your time tonight.

  8. OMG my crew would totally be into that. we settle for roasting marshmallows in the fireplace.

    it'll be a PSN (perfect sewing night) for you tonight! :)

  9. wow! flip flops and shirtless weather! I'm envious...we are shut in the house with a blizzard here in Colorado

  10. I have husband and two teenage boys with boy scouts--so this is a familiar and "yes I can relate to that" event. I know what you mean about getting the insiders perspective on the male thing at camp when Mom is at home in the sewing room. I really chuckled when I read that. It is awesome at times to realize you are Queen of your castle isn't it?

  11. Yeah !! I have finally tamed my putor to let me post comments.
    Debbie,this looks like you all had a whole lot of fun.
    Merry Christmas from DownUnder


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