Monday, December 4, 2006

Stash acquisitions

I lucked out with fabrics at Joann's on Saturday. These are what followed me home, although there were plenty others who wanted to join them.

1. Wonderful brown doubleknit. I wish they had more. There was only 2.25 yards on the bolt and I bought it all. It will probably be "yoga" pants. I've been living in the black pair I recently made.

2. I didn't buy this on Saturday, but it's here so you can see it next to #3. I bought this from Joann's last winter. It's cross-hatched denim (no Lycra) and will be the jeans I'm currently working on. It's cut and I'm in the middle of pin-fitting.

3. Paisley textured stretch denim, 3 yds. This will be a casual, unlined jacket.

4., 5., 6. Heavyweight denims (no Lycra), 3 yds each. #5 is a brushed denim, very nice. These will all be jeans. I'm still on the look-out for solid brown heavyweight, non-stretch denim/twill. I have a lot of brown print knits in the stash that want to become cool weather tops to wear with brown or blue jeans.

Again I did not come home with a big cutting mat, but only because I didn't see any. The whole sewing area of the store had been re-arranged since my last visit (but in a good way!) so I probably just missed it. Plus, I was too enchanted by all of the nice fabrics on display. Yes, nice fabrics at Joann's. Imagine that.

I also bought an entire bolt of muslin and used my 50% off coupon, saving myself over $12. Woo hoo! Love those coupons. I used the 40% coupon for the brown knit (saving approximately another $10), as it was the only non-sale fabric. Then I used my ASG discount card for an additional 10% off the rest of my purchases. So all of those fabrics, two magazines, and one clear ruler for less than $100. And, I came back with ZERO patterns, even though Simplicity was on sale. I looked but nothing really spoke to me.

I think I did well.


  1. i agree you did pretty good, I just got 2 patterns alone, I really didn't like the fabric selection at my joanns.

  2. Oh man, you are lucky, I never find anything in there any more. I also love my KS yoga pants (the other pattern). I have made them half a dozen times. Good luck with the jeans!

  3. You made a great haul!!!! I was very tempted by the denims they had too, but I love #3 the best - it's going to make a fantastic jacket!

    I see that they have another 50% off coupon for this weekend - I was thinking about using mine for a bolt of pattern ease.

  4. Debbie, I see you were practising 'damage control' at Jo-anns!

    Check out Atlanta Thread for cutting mats. I got a huge 4'x 8' composite mat from them a few years ago and it worked really well....that size is luxury extraordinaire! Anyways, I think he has really good prices on mats as well as everything else.


  5. Debbie, which pattern did you settle on for the jeans?
    I love the fabrics, BTW. Very nice colours. Wrt chocolate twill, I checked wazoodle as I am also on the look out for some. I didn't find twill, but there is some brown corduroy and also some brown herringbone cord that is lovely! I have some in the stash already ...

  6. Which joann do you shop at? I might have to make the trip! I think you're in the next county. My mom and I went to the sale too, and I actually found a nice piece of shirting!

  7. I remember JoAnns when I lived in california.. doesnt exist here in Big Sky Country. No worries... I'm good to go in woolies for now :)

    Good gettin's for you though
    GP in Montana


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