Friday, December 8, 2006

We Interrupt This Jeans Report To Bring You …

… more PJs!

I finished the purple jeans and tossed them into the laundry to remove the glue basting (back pockets) and chalk/pen marks (all over). And then I had no more excuses for ignoring the KS 3277 test sews in various stages of completion still strewn about the sewing room. I want to make a top to wear with the jeans, and then a jeans-style jacket, but all of these unfinished potentially wearable muslins are making me nuts. I don't really like UFOs and clutter, and work better when I've finished one thing before moving onto the next.

I finished up two of those test pants last night and have the other two pairs still to do tonight. From last night's sewing, one will be wearable outside the house and the other turned into this PJ set. Yeah, forget what I said about finishing one project before starting another because in the middle of trying to finish these, I decided they needed a matching top. Which means I started something else without finishing all of the test pants and also created more mess when I added the tee fabric the mix. But rules are made to be broken, and hey, at least I also finished it. Plus, it's going to be very cold here tonight (even non-Floridians would consider it cold, maybe), so I really wanted some nice new snuggly PJs and a top with long-ish sleeves. These fit the bill rather nicely (if I do say so myself!).

The pants are a beefy cotton/Lycra blend with great recovery. The top is 100% cotton interlock. While the lime green top does actually match the green in the pants in real life, I wanted to tie both pieces of the to-be set together a little more. So I bound the neckline and sleeve hems with the pants print and then I created an iron-on transfer for the front of the top.

To make the transfer, I scanned a scrap of the fabric and separated out some of the motifs. Then I re-combined those into a new design, which I outlined with more of the green and printed off onto opaque transfer paper. (Love that stuff!) Voila!

The sun is down and it's dark outside now. It's only 6:30 PM but I'm very tempted to strip Zillie of her new outfit and start snuggling in my new PJs.

In the meantime, we now return you to the regularly scheduled jeans. This is one of the back pockets. After sewing it on for the second time. If you squint, you can see the deco stitching in the bottom right corner of the pocket. It shows up nicer in real life and I like the subtle effect. If you keep squinting and look at the pic of the PJs above, you can see the completed jeans hanging behind Zillie.


  1. OOOOOOOOOooooooo....I just love interruptions. Your pj's look great. So do your jeans (from what I can see).

    And now....back to station identification!!
    Thanks Debbie!

  2. As I sit here in my faded and stretched out Victoria's Secret pink pj top and unmatching purple plaid bottoms with a threadbare place in one knee, I gotta tell ya that I am lusting after your new pj set! Your motif creation on the front is awesome.

    We are at 0 temps tonight and it's been bitterly cold all week. Trade ya? :)

    Love the jeans fabric and am waiting to see the end result!

  3. I love the new jammies - I'm heading out to Joann's tomorrow and my pick myself up some material to make some of my own. What pattern are you using?

  4. Great pjs, Debbie. I love the fabric and the transfer. Your decorative stitching on the pocket of the jeans is a nice touch.

  5. Debbie, Can you e-mail me with some tips about using the iron on transfers? I got some based on an earlier post and I am not having much luck with them at all. I've called the company twice and maybe it's my falt on my end, but I see how nice yours are and I'm sure yours don't run or the ink doesn't disappear after only one washing! Thanks!
    Micki (

  6. Your pj's are adorable, and your topstitching on the jeans is unbelievable! How the heck do you topstitch that perfectly?


  7. I love and admire the details you put into your clothes, Debbie. I can't wait to see the jeans once they are washed and "ready to wear" ...

  8. Love the new PJ's! I especially love the transfer you designed.

  9. You're so smart!!! That iron-on makes those pajamas just perfect! Good work.

  10. Great idea to scan fabric and use fabric transfer. I have yet to try this. PJ top looks great.

  11. Your P.J.'s look great! I recently did my first t-shirt transfer. I got the opaque transfer paper from the same place I get my ink, I loved how quick and easy it was.

    New transfer in ND


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