Saturday, December 2, 2006

Weekend Sewing Plans

While I like the latest pants, they still aren't true jeans and true jeans is what I'm wanting. So ... I have dug out a pattern and will see how my new set of alterations will work on that. But first, I'm off to Joann's to see what denims they have and to pick up some muslin. I hope I also remember to buy a big cutting mat. The last time I was there I completely forgot that was on my list.

I also hope all the crowds are at the mall and not at Joann's.


  1. I will be waiting to see if you find any denim at JoAnns. They have tons of it here but I can never decide because there are too many choices: is it too heavy, too light, too dark blue, too light blue? You get the drift! And all I want to use it for is a skirt!

    I know what you mean about forgetting to buy something on your list. I trudged through the snow and ice today to go to Js and forgot to look at the pattern sales. Bah.

  2. I got a denim at Joann's this summer that I'm going to make jeans out of. They are a plum color - stretch denim. Sweeeeet. Maybe you found that? I like it cuz it looks dark like regular denim, but not really. Enjoy! Eager to see what you found.


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