Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Did I say 17 pieces?

Well, that's wrong. When you figure in cutting a separate undercollar, sleeve bands from measurements instead of a pattern piece, and interfacing, I know I'm well above 20 by now. Whew! My hands are tired. But the jacket has been cut out and I'm about to go sew for a couple of hours before I meet up with DS#1 to pick up tickets to a concert he's going to on Sunday.**

**Red Hot Chili Peppers, and since he used my credit card and Ticketmaster didn't let us know until after the purchase was complete that they weren't mailing tickets, I have to be present when they're picked up at the Will Call. I'm glad it's not an out-of-town concert like the RHCP show he went to in NJ late last year. Then we're off to the Pound to look at pups. I doubt we'll find The One since I'm picky, but you never know — sad puppy eyes are hard to resist. Oh, and no, we're not replacing Pepper. We're looking for a "little sister" that was promised when we moved into the Money Pit over a year ago.

I went ahead with Fabric 3 in the photo below. It never officially made it into the stash and instead has been waiting in a neat "on deck" pile on the floor since I bought/prewashed it. I had been thinking of maybe using one of the print denims in the stash, but this paisley was still calling the loudest so it won. I probably won't wear it with the purple jeans from Denim #2 below, though. It's just too much purple for my eyes.

One of my errands yesterday was a trip to Joann's for thread and buttons. Thread was easy, but buttons. Grrrr. I hate that Joann's is the only local venue for buttons. Even if I was a button stasher, I probably still would've needed to buy for this project since it calls for 15 buttons. (No, I'm not even going to think about 15 buttonholes on denim right now.) I did see a few possibilities in J's button aisles, but none with 15 in stock. Sigh. I ended up buying bronze-colored bachelor buttons (think jeans waistbands) so I'll be whacking my buttons into place instead of sewing them. I left J's with only thread and buttons, in case you were wondering.

So, I'm off and running …


  1. I can't wait to see this jacket finished - your muslins look so fantastic on you!

    I hear what you're saying about the buttons. I can never seem to find the right buttons for a project and would have a hard time finding 15 one one kind at one store!

  2. great update, I can't wait to see it, I really can not, lol

  3. I cut out over 30 pieces on my Burda jacket (8020), including lining and interfacing. Then I lost my momentum. I'm looking forward to seeing your jacket!

  4. Looking foward to seeing your jacket . Have you tried on line sources for buttons? I have found buttons at MJ Trim both in person and on line. The only great button place here is about an hour from my house. Jo Anns just doesn't make it for much.

  5. What will you wear it with? Would olive pants set it off? (Indigo) jeans or a denim skirt?
    I'm so glad you walked out of JoAnn's with just what was in your list, and you're sewing up your recent additions. Makes room in your closet and conscience for more!

  6. Hey, Debbie. What kind of puppy are you getting? My daughter wants a chihuahua puppy. I've promised her she can have one as soon as she can pay for all it's maintenance and vet bills. (She's 25, she should be able to. HAHA)

    Love, love, love purple but you are right, too much and you would tend to look like a wine bottle. Hourglass shaped, of course. ;)


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