Saturday, January 13, 2007

Inverse Polar Bear in a Snowstorm

Or something like that.

These are DS#2's black RTW dress pants. These are the same pants he wore Thursday to school, with collared shirt and tie because of a wrestling dual that evening. (The coach requires that the boys dress up on match days.) These are also the same pants that DS informed me (about 10 minutes before leaving for school of course) had a broken zipper. DS wore them anyway. He had no choice.

Fast forward to today. I was shopping at Target and saw a reasonably priced pair of black dress pants. I bought them, figuring $25 or so is well worth NOT having to replace the zipper in the pair at home. DS tried them on. Too small. Grrrr.

So I started ripping out the broken zipper to see what I would be up against, and before I knew it (yeah, right), I had the entire zipper out. The only black zipper in my stash was 18" long. I Wonder-Taped it in place, shined as many bright lights down on my work area as possible, and sewed the blasted black zip back into the black fly with black thread, trimming the extra length when it seemed safe to do so. It felt like I was mostly feeling my way along instead of actually seeing what I was doing. Note to self: Next time, wait until there's daylight outside.

They're done. And not too bad either, if I say so myself. Certainly more than good enough for a 14-year old who won't notice anything. And now I can return the RTW pants and spend that $25 on something better.

I still haven't moved forward on my jacket. Do you think by replacing that zipper I was stalling?? ;-)

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  1. No, I wouldn't say you were stalling, those are some of the necessary 'evils' that we sewists have to tackle sometimes....I rarely ever replace zippers though....the alteration shop up the road is much too cheap for me to bother same for shortening dress pants, they do it better too.
    Now Debbie, what is the brand name of that cutting board please?


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