Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A January Day at the Beach

On Sunday, we drove about an hour south to Siesta Key and met up with my mom and "Grandbob" (Mom's honey). The sky was overcast most of the day but the temperature was in the high 80s so it was definitely a beach day. Still, there's no way you could pay me to get into 65-ish degree January water as I prefer the 90-plus degree bathwater temperatures in July/August. My sons, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind it a bit.

We were standing on the beach when these two catamarans came gliding up in rapid succession. One of their passengers was a little Scotty dog who looked quite pleased with himself after his day's journey.

Silly "effects" photo.

Typical boy-type "swimming."

We finished the day with dinner at Sharky's On the Pier, a great seafood restaurant right on Venice Beach overlooking the Gulf. It was dark by then so the photos I took don't do it much justice. But just imagine tacky straw tiki hut tables, a steel drum band, tropical drinks, and the waves crashing in the near distance. Or, click on Sharky's link to see their better photos.

No further progress on the Burda WOF jacket, and I'm meeting up with Mom again tomorrow for a girl's day out so it's going to be on hold a little longer. I have decided, though, that before I cut any muslin, I'm heading to Joann's tonight to buy a big cutting mat. By Saturday, I hope to have the muslin cut. I was really wanting it yesterday as the temps suddenly dropped to the near frigid low 60s. (Yeah, I know, but I'm a Florida girl now.)


  1. Uh, yeah. It was 18 degrees this morning. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. the frigid low 60s is what my thermostat is set for during the day! :) your family is lovely, you all seem to have such a good time together -- i hope that in 7-10 years my boys will goof around the beach like that with me. but in august, NOT january!

  3. very nice! you are blessed to live in that climate. I wish I was there...we are expecting another big snow storm tomorrow...ugh

  4. Here I've been all excited about our warm spell (about 30 degrees F) and you post photos of the beach! How I would LOVE a January day at the beach! Sure looks like fun.

  5. I have boys also and it is so fun to see them goofing around. If you don't have boys you really miss out!!! Thanks for sharing your great photos!

  6. I clicked on your blog after just coming back from an appointment and errand that involved slip-sliding on the ice and freezing rain. It's 18 degrees here. You have no idea how painful it was to see your pictures of the beach. I hope you feel my pain. ;-)


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