Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A little overboard (oh, do you THINK?)

So I was browsing some bookseller sites this morning (uh oh) and I found all sorts of used and OOP sewing, fitting and patternmaking books that have been on my mental wishlist for a while, whether I knew it or not. Resistance was futile, apparently, because I bought them all. Yikes!

1. Fitting Commercial Patterns: The Minott Method (Jan Minott)

2. Coordinated Pattern Fit (Jan Minott)

3. Pants and Skirts Fit for Your Shape (Jan Minott)

I couldn't decide which one would be the best from the very brief (non-existent?) contents descriptions. I know I want at least one of these. If the others are too duplicative, I'll resell them on PR.

4. Fantastic Fit For Everybody: How to Alter Patterns to Flatter Your Figure (Gale G. Hazen)

I think I had this at one time, but I can't find it. Maybe I didn't like it and resold it? It was pretty cheap today so what the heck. I can always resell it again if I really don't like it.

5. Pants Fit for Your Figure: Point-By-Point Pattern Adjustment (Louise Bame)

I've never heard of this one, but it was cheap.

6. SEWING CASUAL CLOTHES Sportswear, How to Make and Fit Slacks, Smart Separates and Beach Wear, Leather Fashions, Sport Clothes for Men (Better Homes & Gardens)

Leather fashions for men? Hmmmm!!!! No, that's not what made me buy it! It also was very cheap and I have almost no sewing books for men so I figured why not. And it will be hilarious to see the 1970s styles, which, of course, my sons will probably think are very cool! ;-)

7. Sewing Pants for Women: A Guide to Perfect Fit (Else Tyroler)

Another one unfamiliar to me but too cheap to not buy. (There I go, "saving money" again!)

8. How to Make Pants and Jeans That Really Fit (Barbara Corrigan)

I ask you, how could I not buy a book on fitting jeans??

9. How To Make Clothes That Fit And Flatter (Adele Margolis)

10. Make Your Own Dress Patterns (Adele Margolis)

I've wanted Margolis' patternmaking book for a while. This one is the recent Dover reprint so it was very reasonably priced. The other is to complete the "set" ... I already have her Dressmaking book.

11. Easy Guide to Sewing Tops and T-shirts (Marcy Tilton)

This book has great reviews but is usually hard to find at a reasonable price. But I did today, so I scooped it up too.

12. Mustang/Cougar 1965-73 (Chilton's Repair & Tune-Up Guides)

Yeah, OK, not a sewing book. But my son needs this for his '65 Stanger and it was less than $5.00.

Total: About $175, including shipping. There were plenty not on my current list (until today) that I left for another day. I'll let you know when they start arriving and I'll definitely write up reviews on PR since there aren't any for most of these.

Now back up to the sewing room to finish the pattern alterations for my jacket before I have to leave on some errands.

Oh, and in case you missed it on PR, the new Burda Plus magazine is up ... I can't wait to get this one! I love everything!


  1. I gotta know ... what site did you find this gold mine on? I have a couple of the Margolis books but would love to add to my library!

  2. I hope you get time to read all the books when they arrive, You have inspired me to reread some of the old books I have stashed away, especially the pants fitting books. I have been enjoying your messages for quite awhile. Keep up the good work.

  3. You did hit the mother lode, Debbie. I have no Margolis books and would love one.

  4. Holey cow! Did you leave behind any books for the rest of us? :)

  5. Hmmm. I'll have to do a little surfing for books at some sites other than Amazon. I have Gale Hazen's book and love it. It's my favorite, next to FFRP.

  6. Debbie ~ I have all the Margolis books and you will love the ones that you get. I acquired most of mine with the help of Colleen Jones (remember her classes at Patternreview!) and love them!

  7. The Minott Pants/Skirts book is pure gold! Congrats on finding it!

  8. The Bame book is actually pretty good. I checked it out of the library for a few weeks and enjoyed reading it. The Minott books are great, although a little disorganized. I really need my thinking cap on to use them. Congratulations on the great finds!


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