Friday, January 19, 2007


I've been tagged by Liana and Gaylen. Um, thanks ladies. ::wink::

First, the Rules:

• Someone Tags you
• You post 5 things about yourself that you haven't already mentioned on your blog
• You tag 5 more bloggers

So, here goes. Grab the coffee, it will probably be boring because I'm not about to put my wilder escapades out for the general public. Doesn't that sound intriguing?? Good. It was supposed to. I'm so boring now that I probably don't even remember any wild escapades. Maybe.

1. I hate beets. I love every other vegetable, but I can't stand beets. I think it's because my father used to make me eat them. This, from a father who himself wouldn't ever eat brocolli, lima beans, and other things. I used to cram it all into my mouth, excuse myself to the bathroom, and spit them all out down the toilet. ;-)

2. I honeymooned in Rio de Janeiro. Coming up on 20 years ago in 3-1/2 short months.

3. I totalled my father's car the day I got my driver's license. Um. Yep. And had to call him to come get me. The thought of which made me start hyperventilating. Which in turn necessitated a call to the paramedics. My dad, who was always very particular about his things and his cars especially and who was never wrong, secretly hated that car he bought (it had been a lemon since Day One but he'd never admit it out loud) and he never said a cross word to me about it. I think he was glad to be rid of it. ;-)

4. I cried when I found out (prebirth) that my first baby was a boy and not a girl and then 3 years later cried when the doc told me my second was going to be a girl. I love both of my boys (yes, the doc was wrong) very much and can't now imagine a life with daughters. It's good to be Queen. ;-)

5. I went to 9 different schools between grades 7-12. My dad kept putting in for promotions which took us to different places. A couple were "temporary" private schools until my parents bought a house and registered me in the proper district. I hated it and vowed to never do that do my children. We've lived here for almost 17 years and my sons have been in the same school district with the same friends the whole time. We moved to a "new" (different) house in late-2005, but it's only about a mile from our old house so nothing changed for them.

You're IT! ... Right Sides Together, Sew West, Skipping Stitches, Girls in the Garden, and Crazed Sewer.


  1. Thanks for playing! Great post, too. I just knew you were holding out on us! ;)

  2. I hate beets too. Apparently, when I was little, I would gag every time a fork came close to my mouth with beets on it - my mom finally gave up trying to get me to eat them. When she eats beets around me, it still makes me feel sick. They are the nastiest of vegetables.

  3. Great post Debbie.

    I really enjoy reading your blog.

    What are beets???
    I can only think of beetroot-which is only ok. I really can't stand cucumber-when Mum wasn't looking I used to flick it onto my brothers/sisters plates, accidently (on purpose)drop it, hide it in a hankie until I could throw it out! I also can't stand broad beans and brussel sprouts!!!

  4. I have never been tagged in blogworld. Thinking of 5 things now!

  5. Another beet hater here, and I like MOST other veggies. I also developed a dislike for upsidedown cake when I was a kid. I vaguely remember my mother making it with canned fruit cocktail -- Gag!

  6. I hate beets with a passion! When a small child my mother said I had to eat my beets that she had put on my plate. I told her if I ate those I would be sick. She insisted and I was not excused from the table until I ate. I again insisted I would be ill. She prevailed. I ate them, left the table and five minutes later I went to the bathroom and you get the picture. I never have ate them since and she never made me!!! Perhaps more information than anyone wants to know, but!


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