Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Whole lotta nuthin'

Absolutely ZERO progress on jeans since last time I worked on them. I was going to type "Saturday" but it was actually Monday. LOL! These extra long weekends really throw off my internal calendar. The boys went back to school today and all day I've been thinking it's Monday. At least the holidays are officially over for another year (wooooo!) and it will be a short week before the weekend is here, right? The boys had better be hungry this weekend since I went to the store last night to stock up on lunch stuff and I bought for a week, thinking of course that yesterday was Sunday and I needed M-F supplies. Yeah, like I have to worry about having too much food with them.

I'm hoping to finish the jeans tonight. Then I'll pull out the Burda jeans jacket pattern (the one with SEVENTEEN pieces) and start contemplating the tracing. That will require a total mind focus. Did I mention the SEVENTEEN pieces? It would be really great if I could get it traced and then cut/sewn in muslin by Sunday. My mom is still in the area and I could draft her to help with adjustments when we go see her at the beach condo on Sunday. I'm not optimistic though. It's SEVENTEEN pieces after all.


  1. Good Luck with your SEVENTEEN pieces, Debbie, 'cause it took me almost (or maybe even more) 3 month to finish it! But then I did it in stage, got distracted, didn't have the right thread, etc. etc.
    In the end, it's all worth it and I wear it really a lot.

  2. What a challenge... seventeen pieces! I guess that makes for more fitting opportunities ;)

  3. Just dropping you a note to compliment you on your blog! Being a sewing enthusiast myself, I appreciate the opportunity to learn from and share information with other sewers. I would like to send you a free pattern from my pattern store, If you're interested please email me at:
    best regards,

  4. Those 17 pieces are small and go really fast. Turn on some music & trace.
    This is a great jacket! You will look great in it :)
    --Katharine from PR (in Brussels now)

  5. Um...I was just wondering, Debbie, if you'd happened to notice that that pattern has SEVENTEEN pieces? :o)

  6. I looked at this AGAIN last night and again decided to just look at yours in envy when you're finished :D HA!


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