Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nature Strikes

DH cleared a path a while ago from our property to the vacant property behind us, which is what I cut through every day when I walk the dogs on the goat road. This is how I usually see these plants.

But over the weekend, I noticed some were turning bright red in the middle, and one was especially magnificant, with a huge bloom in its center.

On today's walk, those you see with red centers in this photo all now have the blooms too.

I'm not really sure what these plants are. I believe they are some type of Century plant/agave. If they are, the plants will die after the blooms. But for now, they're gorgeous to see at the beginning and end of my daily walks. The photos can all be clicked on to see bigger versions.

I haven't been back to my sewing room since I showed the test muslin for the Diana Mode tee. I've been busy working on icky paperwork and taking care of the poochies.

The dogs are exhausting me because Dani isn't feeling well and I've had a lot of top and bottom end cleaning up to do. Last night she was a very sick little girl at both ends and I spent most of the night half-awake with her snuggled very close to me (her choice) and ready to jump up and aim her toward papers and towels when needed. We're off to the vet again this afternoon. She was there on Tuesday for a tapeworm treatment. I'm pretty sure what's going on now is something else.

But she's feeling much better today. Good enough to go tearing off into the neighbor's yard with Chili, and then me chasing them. Twice. And of course the telephone rings at that exact moment with a call I'd been waiting for. Did I mention the neighbor is a very nice elderly lady who tries to be patient with my pooches but she's really a cat person. I think fencing in part of the property is in our future. It's been one of those days.

The paperwork is mostly done but I'm going to abandon the remainder for the evening and hide out in the sewing room, if I can get a volunteer for Poop Patrol. Anyone?? ;-)


  1. The plants are beautiful, but I don't think they are agave. Agave do not have particularly brilliant color. Yucca or a type of aloe perhaps? I'm looking through my husband's plant books.

    Sorry about your sick pooch. Hope you find the cause and a solution. She seems to be a very sweet dog.


  2. Hi Debbie,
    I enjoy your blog full of good info about sewing and other stuff. Love your doggy shots, even though I am mostly a cat person.
    I think your mystery plants are bromeliads, same as the pineapple family. Spanish moss is also a member. More info at the bromeliad society (
    Their web site says the parent plant does die sometime after flowering, but they put out a new plant called a "pup". Appropriate for you, huh?
    Vicky F

  3. Send me the plane already have my addy!

  4. I was just going to say I think the plants are bromeliads and Vicky F beat me to it.

  5. Debbie - hope Dani is feeling better and you get some face time with the sewing machine. I won't volunteer for poop patrol - I have 4 dogs and never do poop or garbage! Well unless I'm out walking by myself - that is! g


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