Friday, June 1, 2007

A Quickie

I want to try to get into the sewing room for a bit this morning before the day explodes so this will be short and sweet. I never did make it in there last night.

A big thank you to Vicky for mentioning bromeliads. Yep, I agree that these plants have got to be those. I so do NOT have a green thumb and had never even heard of bromeliads before so this was both helpful and educational as I read up on them. Of course, I have heard of pineapples and spanish moss, just not the whole group they belong to. I couldn't find any photos that perfectly matched what we have, but some were very close. Maybe we have one of those yet-undiscovered varieties. ;-)

Dani is doing much better today and we both had an uninterrupted full night's sleep last night. The vet tested for and ruled out Parvo (whew! my heart sunk when she first mentioned it) and is now just treating the symptoms, thinking it's a bug she picked up about the time she came to live with us. We came home with 3 vials of meds and will also keep her (and the other 2) on a very bland diet for the next few days. If she continues to feel well, we're going to try to get to a new-to-us dog park at the beach this afternoon, schedules permitting. If not today, then definitely sometime over the weekend.

Also on the weekend agenda is to gather and stage stuff for a yard sale to be held very soon. After unpacking things that have been in boxes for 18 months, I decided there was plenty of stuff I could now live without and too much to just toss. I haven't done a yard sale in many years, but I clearly remember what I'm getting myself into. I'll just look forward to a little extra cash to cover those unexpected vet bills and try not to think about the negatives.

Since the boys are out of school, every weekend from now until the end of August can be a long weekend if I'm not ready to stop playing. I love that about summer.


  1. Good to hear that it's not parvo! Hopefully Dani will be feeling completely herself again soon, and there will be no more "ends" to clean up after.

  2. Be very careful around bromeliads! My mother had gorgeous huge ones next to the house when she lived in Florida and while weeding one day, one of their spikey thorney thingees that she didn't see went through her glove. She ended up with gangrene and had to have a finger amputated.
    Ok, that was your official PSA on those plants!

    Glad pooch is better!


  3. Yeah, that's it. Bromeliads. Exercise reasonable care with them, they are a bit spikey (so says the woman with cacti all over her property). But they're beautiful and there are many varieties.


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