Thursday, May 29, 2008

Foundation, Schmoundation

Apologies, but the bra sewing is on the back burner. I just wasn't into it this week like I thought I'd be. I got all the pattern pieces cut out and even started sewing it, but then I just lost interest. So much so that I detoured and started cleaning the house. I know.

I will return to it, but what I really want to be sewing is new capris and a new top of some sort. You know, my old familiar casual sewing that's been neglected for all those dress-up clothes.

I'm in the process of tracing a pair of capris from a Diana Mode magazine. The pattern doesn't go up to Big Bootay size so I'm going to be grading it. I also will be scratching my head as I try to figure out the pieces I need to cut from measurements only (hem cuffs, pocket tabs, etc.), as the magazine is in German and I don't speak/read any. I'll take a pic of the pattern photo later. I just didn't feel like going up/down, up/down to get the camera and then take the pics. Lazy. (Which explains the Big Bootay.)

The interview this morning was ho-hum. Well, the interview was OK, but the place was drab and dreary. If I have to do this work stuff, it ain't gonna be in a dreary atmosphere. ;-) But nothing ventured, nothing gained and I have more interviews lined up so I'm not going to worry about this one. And man, I couldn't wait to get those pantyhose off.


  1. LOL about the pantyhose. No wonder you feel the need to sew casual capris that don't require pantyhose.

    Good luck with your interview tomorrow.

  2. Now I know you weren't in the mood to sew bras if you're willing to clean house--especially if you're anything like me. (big grin) I may be the only person I know who likes to interview. Even you weren't excited with the work environment, every interview is a chance to practice your interviewing skills. I hope the next place is much more exciting.

  3. Glad the interview was okay. Love your willingness not to settle. Hope you find the right job combo.

    Can't wait to see the new casual wear! g

  4. I would say any days with the close scrutiny of an interview, especially one in a drab and undesirable environment should end with pampering. Just my .02, :).

    It is hot where I live too, Phoenix, AZ, and ALOT of ladies wear longish capris that are tailored, like a pair of slacks, not like jeans(with dressy sandals and polished toes, no hose). Just by changing the back pockets to welt and changing the shaping of the front pocket openings You could morph those comfy familiar capris into office attire. I see a brown pinstriped suiting to fit in with your existing grouping, :). Maybe not for interviewing, but to be prepared for that 4 or 5th day doldrum. Surely there is a way to make this all fun for you again.

    Good Luck tomorrow, I am hoping for a bright, friendly, upbeat environment.


  5. That's pretty serious when cleaning is more interesting than sewing! I say indulge yourself, go make those capris - and then take photos and show us them. ;)
    Good luck with your next interviews!

  6. LOL about the bootay. I bet you could bring some light into that drearyness. Should've told them on the way out of course, that it isn't good for the psyche.

    Don't know if jobs are scarce where you are, they are certainly scarce here, but sometimes you have to get a foot back into the working world first. Of course you know that too!

    So, back to sewing. Are you using a commercial bra pattern or is it self-drafted?

  7. I'm sure you've already posted what type of job you're interviewing for and if so, I missed it! What kind of work do you do? I'm sooo lucky because at my job we wear whatever we want; jeans, shorts, sun dresses, and I never wear panty hose! It will kill me to get another job when I move, I'm so spoiled here. Good Luck!!

  8. Hope today's interview went well, and I agree that you shouldn't settle for a place that doesn't feel good to you. I understand the desire to sew fun, familiar, comfortable clothes. You'll feel better in a new pair of capris and summery top!

  9. No, you don't want to work in a dreary place. You'll end up feeling dreary and it will zap every ounce of energy out of you. Thank goodness many companies are starting to realize this and they are creating light, airy spaces.

    I'll be looking forward to the capri progress.

  10. But this interview was practice, something so useful when interviewing! Thank them for the practice!!

  11. People like us aren't lazy! I prefer to think of it as making efficient use of energy! We are going green in our own way. LOL

    Gook luck with the job interviews.

  12. Debbie, What did you wear to the interview, was it something you made recently?


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