Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I love my wonderful sons so very much! But today will be a low-key Mother's Day for us as I really just want to be a homebody as long as possible before I'm out in the big, mean working world. ;-) We'll do a raincheck dinner on a less busy restaurant day and I'll enjoy it more then. But don't let that stop YOU! Best wishes for a wonderful day with your own moms and/or kids.

* * * * *

Yesterday I worked on a couple of pieces to coordinate with items already made. First up is my "Inspired by Carolyn" top. She's been sewing a few tie-neck shells and after seeing the first one, I was hooked and knew I'd be stealing borrowing the idea.

After sewing the skirt, I had just enough of the paisley print left to eek out a simple top. I used my TNT Ottobre Woman tee pattern, #5, the one with the the shaped vee neckband. Instead of using the neckband/facing, I cut two 3" strips selvedge-to-selvedge (yes, the pleats really run horizontally) and seamed them together at what would be the center back, and attached the tie to the neckband. There's a few more steps than that, of course, but the end result is a pretty top that's as comfortable as a tee without looking like it *is* a tee.

I left the bottom and sleeve edges unfinished. This fabric is a knit — with no stretch — and doesn't ravel. Hemming this stuff makes for a wavy edge (see the skirt) and while I love it for the skirt, I didn't want that for the top. It's a good thing too, because I didn't have enough fabric left to cut with a bottom hem allowance anyway.

Next up was another fast BWOF skirt (04/2008 #131) from the same lime slinky as the BWOF shirred-neckline top.

On the horizon will be a jacket from this fabric. I don't know what or when yet, and this won't be an interview jacket, but I'd like to have it for summer. The fabric goes with various greens and corals which are already clothes in my closet and to-be-made clothes waiting in the stash.

Speaking of Carolyn (Hi Carolyn!), she asked in a recent comment if I had at least one suit (i.e., matching top and bottom) for interviews. I don't. And I won't, because I just haven't been stashing fabric in long enough lengths for an entire suit. I could probably buy something (and have to alter it!) but I don't think it's necessary. Looking professional, yes. Looking like a banker, not here in Florida. Unless you're a banker. I do have plans to make a solid brown skirt to wear with the taupe jacket; however, it won't match the brown jacket, so more conservative but still no suit. I wish I had more of either fabric. From now on, I'll know to buy twice as much. LOL!


  1. Thanks Debbie, Happy Mother's day to you to. I like what you and Carolyn are doing with the tie necks and will have to jump on the bandwagon with my own version very soon. I also like the way your "outfits" colors are working together, kind of like a SWAP, but I know you don't do those! LOL.

  2. Can I go back and fix my spelling? I know I should have said, Happy Mother's day to you too.

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Debbie. Sounds like you are going to have a fun day doing what you want to to do. That's my plan too. I love your new wardrobe - everything about each piece is splendid! I love the colors, the style, everything. I agree with you on the suit - out here in the Pacific Northwest, we don't see them much any more, but for interviews I always make sure to wear a jacket with a collar - gives that same professional look without the stiffness of a matching suit. But then, offices that I have to go to are usually filled with people in jeans, t-shirts, and Birkenstocks (with or without white socks.) LOL.
    (PS - My baseboards are being installed on Tuesday, so I'm very close to getting my butt back in the sewing room!!)

  4. Debbie, that floral looks amazing with the lime.

    Oh, and I'm posting this everywhere...thanks for figuring out how that stinkin' little top was supposed to go together. And Happy Mother's Day to you.

  5. Debbie, I love your new dress looks. They will serve you well. That floral fabric is beautiful and goes perfectly with the green slinky.

  6. I'm loving all this green you are making! (and the brown!) It all looks great. Very wearable and smart.

    And I got a lovely image of you "eek"ing out a top from the leftover fabric ;-D (could that have been a freudian slip from eke?)

  7. All of your outfits look fabulous and I absolutely love that green slinky.

    Thanks for how you inspire all of us! Happy Mother's Day!


  8. Your outfits look great!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  9. I love your work ensembles! They look professional but from an artistic point of view. I also love that green slinky. BTW, that tutorial yesterday on fit was stupendous! I will use that. Have a great low-key Mother's day!

  10. Debbie - you can steal an idea from me any time! *LOL* But I am going to put in another plug for an all black or all navy don't have to wear the pieces together and they will go a long way in helping extend your work wardrobe...

    Also I guess as the sister of two sisters who are recruiters I know that they look for that black/navy/grey or dark brown suit in interviews and neither are in banking.

    My first interview suit is a grey menswear plaid with big silver is a little edgy and makes me stand out in a room of grey and navy suits. It also shows my personality!!! Just think about it okay! :)

  11. Happy Mother's Day back at you ! We spent the afternoon moving dd's bf 40 miles away.They attempted to rent a uhaul to move him and the hook up would not fit his suv. My knee is still out from moving dd last week so nothing sewing wise happening here. Maybe this week -it could happen!
    I love your fabulous clothes. Please please will you and Carolyn consider showing the dim witted among us how to add the neck band to the top. I have fallen in love with these tops and don't have a clue how to do one. Or if either of you know of a pattern that is similar pleeeeease tell. I have to have some of these tops and don't have a prayer in heck of getting one unless one of you takes pity at some point. No hurry though as I know you have your own fish to fry getting your life rearranged. Thanks for all the tutorial you have done for us. mssewcrazy

  12. Happy Mother's Day Debbie! I agree, a low key day at home is always wonderful to me. I love all the "working" garments you've been making lately. Everything is so classy and all looks fabulous on you!

  13. Love those new tops - they turned out great! I would love more details on adding the tie - please. g

  14. Happy Mother's Day! Your youngest is a Senior this coming year? My DS will be a Junior! They get big and old quickly huh?
    When you get a chance, I know some of us would love to hear more on how you made the "tie front tee". BTW--I picked up a remnant of the lime slinky at Joann's the other day and thought it looked famililar! It is less than a yard so I am not sure what do do with it BUT IT IS MINE!

  15. What GORGEOUS fabric, and what a smashing outfit! Wow, you're so productive!

  16. Happy mothers day to you too! Yep, children are just the best. Even my teenage daughters are such a joy.

    And your latest Ottobre T is great. Must try that for myself.

  17. Lovely tops and skirts. I love green. Love the paisley tie top and skirt.


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