Friday, May 2, 2008

Keepin' On With the Wardrobe

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about the Jalie top. I love the fabric and the loose cotton weave will be very comfortable in the Florida heat and humidity.

Someone recently asked in a comment: Since offices are air-conditioned, why is the heat still a factor? Well, until you've been here in the summer, you just don't know. As soon as you step outside for any length of time, even 2 minutes, the heat/humidity gets you, and gets you BAD! I'd rather not start my day in the car sopping wet with sweat until the A/C cools down, if I can help it. But sometimes it's so humid, you just can't help it. I'm also hoping that we can conserve on gas and that DH and I can carpool in the mornings and then I'll take public transport home, so that's more outside time. And I'm sure I'll also head outside some days during lunch. On summer days, I'd rather not be clad in polyester from head to toe.

Today I'll cut a muslin for the PR jacket. I made initial pattern alterations last night. This jacket is supposed to be lined, but in the interest of time and heat (see above), I'm thinking of omitting the lining and some of the interfacing. No firm decisions yet, though. I'll see how the muslin looks before I decide if this jacket should be more structured with that extra tailoring.

Over the weekend, I hope to make good progress on the jacket and also head to mall to find a couple of new bras, some pantyhose, and do some more shoe shopping. I'm also going to look for some clothes since I'm just not sewing fast enough. I have a Wednesday hair appointment and I'll give myself all of next week to continue sewing what I can. After that, I'll be ready to submit my resume and begin interviewing. I haven't wanted to start the process yet because I haven't had the wardrobe for more than one day of interviews and/or actual job. And you know how Murphy's Law works.


  1. I like this jacket. There are lots of design and fitting possibilities here. What fabric are you planning for this?
    By the way, I found that Soma, if you have a store there, has several very nice DD bras for a not ridiculous amount of money. The girls, mine, defy gravity very nicely in them.

  2. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about with the heat/humidity. Having worked in Downtown Dallas for over 30 years with summers 100+ degrees, just walking to the parking lot or across the street in the heat was oppressive. All the concrete absorbed the heat and made it that much hotter. Yes, the office building was A/C'd BUT also depending upon how well the ventilation was working (or not) I always had my little fan on or under my desk! Good luck!

  3. We lived in Knoxville for 3 summers, and spent several more there because of business, and I thought it was hot until I went to Ft. Myers to visit my parents June 2001. Oh, my! I thought I would catch sunstroke. I found my 15 passenger van overheating, so had the oil changed to 20W50, and then refused to go anywhere where there was no tree to park under. I feel for you, really! Good luck with the public transport in the afternoon! I'm almost glad its 55 degrees here today, just thinking about that heat!

  4. I like this jacket too - guess a stop at JoAnn might be in order for me this weekend!

    I know what you mean about the Florida heat - it is very bad when you walk out the door in the morning and are sweating before you even get in the car! Leaving the lining out of your jacket is very wise!!


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