Saturday, May 3, 2008

Photos of the Loot

(Crappy photography in front of spotty mirror with messy background. Could it get any better?)

I want 10 of these dresses. No, 20. At the very least, I want a pattern. I *need* a pattern! Any suggestions? The waist "tie" is really cool. It doesn't actually go around me. There is a sewn-in contrast band at the waist, front and back. The tie is a drape in the front only and it's secured with a belt slider thingie which you can sort of see near the hand that's on my hip. The colors are dark brown and ivory, in case you were wondering about my "I don't wear black" comment from earlier.

I'll also take 10 of these skirts in various colors. I wish. I kept looking inside of it at the store to be sure it wasn't lined. The linen is that substantial and soft. It's been on a rack at the store for who knows how long and then wadded up in a bag as I shopped and this is how it came out of the bag. Not bad at all for a linen skirt that hasn't seen an iron since the factory. Check out the shoes. This is one of the pairs from Zappos that I already showed you.

This is the invisible zipper/pocket/tab combo at the sideseam of the skirt. My stomach skin is the same color as the skirt. LOL!

Shoes bought today. Yes, one more pair of brown. I'm definitely going to have to decide soon.

Side angle.

Purse #1.

Purse #2. I've never had a green purse before but this will look great with everything on my immediate sewing list.

And I want to mention this shirt I bought the other day at Walmart. If I keep it, I'll need to shorten the sleeves and the overall length. But look at the buttons. There's a double set at bust level (behind a hidden button placket). It's supposed to stop the bust gap. It seems to work on me, but either of the buttons is pretty much at my bust level. I just thought it was interesting.


  1. I love that dress and skirt! I have Butterick 4976 in my pattern stash - although I haven't made it up yet! It looks very similar to the one you are wearing - even has the wrap belt, which is very flattering by the way!

    I think there is also a Hot Patterns dress that is similar - Cosmopolitan dress I think it is called - just remember it on the website, don't own it though.

    Could you take a copy of the linen skirt panel? Shouldn't be too hard to knock it off, one panel repeated. The waist detail is lovely too, I never think to put details like that on my clothes I make because I never wear tops tucked in.

    Love the green bag!!!! Just the colour I am looking for!

  2. I'm turning into a puddle of green(from envy) ooze,Debbie.I LOVE LOVE those tan shoes.I never see anything LIKE them here in Adelaide :-[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

    The only shoes I can get to fit my large feet are designed for orthopedically challenged!!!! No fashion hits for me here.So not fair!!!!And that red bag-to die for!!!

  3. i'm so glad to have discovered someone that sews and blogs and is plus sized!!I totally agree about the mall,theres tons of stores for under 16s,two stores for over 65 and nothing inbetween!When i do get to a plus size store its ugly and very badly made and overpriced!Thanks for sharing:)I so want a cell phone with a camera so i can rip off the ready to wear little sizes i see:)I'm bugging hubby about that LOL.I did just make a denim skirt from burda with all inside out seams so the denim frays like one i saw in a store.I just want to say thank you for being an inspiration for my sewing :)

  4. Love that dress! you'll be able to find a similar dress style. I know I've seen many although I can't point you to one.

    And the shoes are terrific!

  5. Go over to behindtheseams, she just posted a terrific version of the HP cosmopolitan dress.

  6. Looks like you found some nice things! I know what you mean about Dillards. Sometimes I forget and shop all over the mall and finally end up at Dillard's and realize I should have just gone there to begin with.

  7. Great job on the loot. Love the Zappos shoes. They look so cute! That wrap dress is darling.

  8. I think the wrap dress is the Hot Patters Deco Vibe Cosmopolitan dress. One of the Sewing Divas just made it, so check out their site. Love the linen skirt! Great haul, overall :)

  9. Great dress! The waist sach gives you a more defined waistline - a definite bonus to anyone with kids, whether plus sized or not. Love the linen skirt and red purse too. I also hate to change purses, so I stick with medium browns which I can carry with anything until the strap breaks off!

  10. I also love your purchases, Debbie. The shoes, beauteous! The purses, I lust! Great job on culling out the junk for the gold!

  11. Hi Debbie,
    I'm also trying to get my wardrobe ready for job interviews, so your recent posts about building a career wardrobe are timely for me.

    How about S3775 for a dress pattern? It doesn't have a tie but it has a similar silhouette to the one you bought and the reviews for it have been pretty good.

  12. Funny, all the expense you have to incur to prepare yourself for the workplace and there isn't even a job in sight as yet! I hope your job will be full-time, the cost of part-time employment is too expensive....upside being you'd still have time to sew.

  13. Take a look at B 5206, it is new, and has the waist sash like your rtw one, and it appears to be a mock wrap just as yours, since it has a side zip.

    Do you have DSW? I find alot of nice shoes there, and always cheaper than zappos(which I love as well).

    I also like New York & Company, I think I am a size or two smaller than you, but not a huge difference... They make tops that are "petite" that fit my sway back much better, and their slacks come in petite and tall, I have the full inner thigh thing just like you, and their pants are decent. I do not love their jackets as they are well, volume sewn, shall we say. I find their fit overall to do well with my roly poly ness, :).

    Good luck in your search,

    Crystal in Phoenix
    hcrystalaz on PR

    Crystal in Phoenix

  14. Nice loot! I haven't been through all the comments so apologies if everyone has already suggested this, but I just got an email from Butterick about their new patterns and thought of your post as soon as I saw 5206. Failing that, if anyone can draft the pattern from scratch you can!


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