Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Hit a Wall

I should've been sewing a hat last night but instead I vegged in front of the tube. I needed a break from costume sewing. Reko is supposed to come over today for a fitting, but I'm hoping I can convince him that tomorrow will work better since he can leave with a hat if he waits until then. I've decided to use the extra fabric from the costume and line it with black. I can always buy a better solid red later and make another hat if this turns out to be more print than either of us wants.

Thank you everyone for all the really nice comments. They've made me smile. However, I will NOT be starting a costume sewing sideline any time soon. lol This project has been fun, but it's been very time-consuming and it would not be lucrative in the least. I have spent over $200 in supplies and patterns (Reko's wallet, not mine!) and far more time than I want to add up, but I think I'd have to sell this outfit for $1,000 to turn a profit. I don't think there are too many peeps out there willing to pay that kind of dough for a costume.

For those of you who think my sewing has been extraordinary, I shouldn't admit this, but I will. The sewing has been no more difficult than sewing most any other thing. It's the fancy shiny fabric and trim that makes it look impressive. There are a lot more pieces to this outfit than what we wear around town these days, but that only adds time, not difficulty. But if you want to continue to toss adoration and envy my way, please feel free. ;-)

Now I need to go cut out some hat pieces.


  1. You worried me for a second there --I thought you'd had a car accident. Glad you didn't!

    Quit trying to be modest! Those silky fabrics and gold trims aren't always easy to work with. The costume looks spectacular!

  2. It looks like you took a pistol to that wall as well.

    I think $1,000 for that outfit is cheap, actually. Not that I could pay that, but if I could...

  3. I want you to know that I just love reading your blog. I especially like the pictures of your costume. It is just beautiful. You are so talented.

    As for your brick wall that is what I have felt like for months now. I just can't get past or thru it too sew......That would take some effort which I have lost with the winter blahs.....

  4. LOL re: the costume business - hey, one costume a year to someone that has more money, than time and talent might be fun! - Reko is one lucky guy - and I am sure he knows it! And don't sell yourself short - just finding the fabrics and getting the "look" together takes a lot of talent - never mind the sewing and fitting.

  5. Don't short sell yourself! You are very talented and this costume has lots of details that not just every sewist could master. I understand why you wouldn't want to go into the business, though!

  6. So, it doesn't take extra impressive just takes extra impressive patience to make all those pieces and trim all those pieces and work with contrary fabric're not fooling me; I've done it before, although not to the degree you're doing this. Therefore I know where of I speak: It's impressive! :)

    And 1 Grand would probably be about right. That's a lot of really, really good chocolate ;)

    (BTW, I realized I spelled Reko's name wrong on yesterday's comment right after I posted it...but there's no edit!!!!)

  7. Anyone who has EVER worked with brocade will appreciate the skill of your work. Wasn't it 37 pieces in one part of the costume? I would have run screaming into the night with the exponential number of unraveling edges from all those pattern pieces.

  8. Yes, do not sell yourself short, not everyone could do this and SO FAST! You did a spectacular job. I did theatre costuming back in my college days, we did Elizabethan and I was the only sewist in the room, boy was I leaned on. Hope Renko knows how lucky he is and glad you decided to include the codpiece.


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