Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ren Faire Costume - Puffy Shirt Trials Continue

It's almost finished. It looks finished, right? And it would be, except that I put one buttonhole and button on the wrong side of the cuff for one sleeve. THANKFULLY, I hadn't cut the buttonholes yet. So, one puffy shirt and one sleeve complete. One closure to be reworked tomorrow. Don't sew buttonholes in a hurry so you can take pics for your blog. ;-) But that's the only thing that gave me trouble today. The sleeves and cuffs themselves went together without a hitch.

And for some really good news? My iron is working again. I have no idea. In desperation earlier this afternoon, I decided to give it one last try and it turned on. I *know* it's not the outlet because it's plugged into it now and the backup was plugged into it earlier (before I stomped on it in a fit of frustration and tossed it out the window — just kidding. Maybe.). But I'm not going to question it and just enjoy having it back. Thanks for all the tips on where to buy another one, though. I do have a Tuesday Morning nearby that I've never been to. I think I'll swing by soon and see what's available for a better back-up in case my Rowenta wants another vacation.

Next up after the buttonhole is fixed will be the doublet. I'm looking forward to working with the fancy stuff again. This linen (cotton/linen blend really) is perfect for the role, but it has shredded all over my sewing room.

Oh and Blogger — I heart you for the new Preview option.


  1. That puffy shirt looks great!

  2. I agree with Peter, it looks great! And won't you be glad when it's done. Glad your iron is back on-line.

  3. Congrats on the iron working! I love the shirt - it looks fantastic!

  4. love the puffy shirt. seinfeld would want one.

  5. this is cool. Im costuming a Shakespeare play and can learn alot from you.

  6. The new preview is awesome!

    Love the puffy shirt. Worthy of Seinfeld.

  7. Love the shirt.

    I'm not keeping up with what is new with now I must go see what you are talking about :)

  8. Beautiful shirt! I agree with you though, can't wait to see you sewing with the fancy fabric again, they're so luscious! I've been watching the Tudors and paying attention to the beautiful costumes!

    p.s., I purchased the Janome 1000CPX because of the reviews on PR but haven't been able to get it working properly -- tunneling despite playing with the tensions. Haven't touched it since November but will again.


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