Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ren Faire Costume - Slops Nearly Doneth

I'd say the slops are 98% done, if we don't count the codpiece. I still have to sew down the waistband facing and do the buttons/buttonholes. Since the codpiece is a separate thing, that will get its own posting. I'm still working out in my brain how to attach the thing. I'm thinking brass eyelets probably.

The legs are stuffed. I hope Reko can sit down. ;-) But it's soft bridal tulle, which isn't scratchy and weighs almost nothing, which is a good thing because these slops must weigh about 5 pounds before the stuffing.

Here's a close-up of the legband trim. I'll be using both of these trims on the doublet so I wanted to coordinate both pieces. Plus, I'm almost out of the trim used on the panes. I've set aside about 45" to use on the doublet.

I added a fly shield behind the front opening and will sew the buttons onto that. I have about 40 of these buttons in the stash so they're "free."

That's where I'm leaving things today. Now it's time to make some nachos and other snacks, and break open the Smirnoff Ice in time for the Superbowl. Can I say I'm already tired of seeing Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston on the pre-game shows? Sheesh. Let's see some tight ends instead, OK? (Did I just type that out loud?)


  1. Wow! Those are really rich looking -- worthy of Henry the VIII. I am impressed. Reko will be the beau of the ball.


  2. It's really coming out gorgeously. I wondered how you were going to attach the codpiece. It's going to be fabulous.

  3. Back in the day the pants were actually individual pant legs that laced to the bottom of the doublet. They were called upperstocks and then became breeches and a load of other terms depending on what they looked like. The codpiece was there initially to conceal that area and later became decorative and actually a pouch to hold little trinkets. For a really long time, since the pants did not have a crotch seam, the codpiece was attached by lacing it around the thighs. So lacing would be the most historically accurate way to go. :)

    The slops look amazing btw :)

  4. Gorgeous costume - pity men's ordinary clothing is so boring.

  5. If you stuff them with plastic grocery bags, it won't add to the weight, but might affect the sweaty factor.

  6. They look great. The material really pops against the black background fabric.

  7. Stunning! They are GORGEOUS, I love your fabric selections!

  8. Every time I see one of your Ren Faire posts I think how incredibly satisfying to work on such an involved and great looking project! Thanks for posting.

  9. Very impressive. These are gorgeous.


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