Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ren Faire Costume - Thou Art Getting There

The breeches (paned slops) are about 75% complete. I still need to stuff them, add the waistband, add some sort of closure TBD, and add trim to the leg bands. Plus figure out that codpiece. I'm waiting on a double-check lower thigh measurement from Reko because the leg bands look kind of small and I'm now doubting my measurement. Then again, Reko has skinny legs so it's probably fine. But better safe than sorry and it is 2 AM after all. I like the black fabric in this photo because it shows the sheen that makes it look like silk even though it's just a high thread-count sheet.

To attach the leg bands, I pleated the black fabric behind the panes (strips) so the panes would lay flat. They are interfaced and lined, and far too bulky to gather or pleat. This is what it looks like from the reverse. I wasn't OCD about the pleating because it will be covered by the lining (breeches).

This is what it looks like from the right side. The leg band looks like a completely different color, but that's because the grain is laying in the opposite direction of the panes and the light hits it differently. On a moving body, everything will look the same. Or that's the plan. ;-)

I'm hoping to have these finished before the Superbowl starts, as the Smirnoff Ice will be coming out and I probably shouldn't be operating heavy machinery at that point. ;-) I like both teams so I'm hoping for an exciting game and will be happy with either as the winner, although I might be leaning toward the Steelers just a little bit. (Sorry Linda F.)


  1. Thou art getting there, and thou art fayre!

  2. you slay me! GO PACK GO! we'll be having deep dish pizza and Strongbow.

    (the breeches look great, reko is going to love them)

  3. What fun! I sew costumes for my daughter's ballet studio and it's great to have a break from what I usually sew. Love seeing the pieces (many of them too...) coming together.

  4. I think it would be exciting to make something you never made before and these breeches would certainly fit the bill for me. Every step would bring a surprise!

  5. they're looking awesome! :-)


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