Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ren Faire Muslin - Modeled

It fits pretty great and Reko loves it! Yay! Here's the doublet front. There are some diagonal folds in the front, but they're because of the poor pinning job. I'm not going to worry about these. Reko is wearing one of my husband's shirts under the doublet to simulate the full linen shirt he'll be wearing with the real thing.

The back is a little tight at the top. Reko says it doesn't feel tight, but I'm going to let out this seam a smidge because the real doublet will be lined and thus a smidge tighter than this. The wrinkles around his waist are because I didn't clip/trim the contoured seam there. Same for around the armholes.

He liked the idea of detachable sleeves and was going to ask me about them, so that worked out. I'll need the supplies for that. I should be able to pick up what I need locally for pretty cheap.

Next up were the breeches. These fit pretty good too. The only alterations will be to make the waistband and leg bands tighter. We've also decided to give a "codpiece" a go. Ahem. I *won't* be fitting that! ;-) And I have no idea what I'm doing with how to attach it. Hopefully, I can figure it out.

My next step will be to trace off the front and back pieces of the doublet because I'll be using two fabrics and the pattern is for one piece and I do want to keep the tissue pieces I did cut intact in case I'm "hired" again next year. ;-) After that, I will begin the cutting marathon for the breeches.

Reko is always involved in some activity that requires a costume. Here he is this past Sunday, during the Warrior Dash. I think I want to be Reko. ;-)

* * * * *

In Marine son news — tomorrow Tyler moves up from Private to PFC, which means a stripe and a raise in pay. This is an automatic TIS (time in service) promotion after 6 months TIS. Well, not quite — he gets to skip almost an entire month because his enlistment date was August 31. If he had enlisted August 1, he would have been be promoted no sooner. This will continue to be a bonus for him throughout his career because his TIS will always count from August 1. Nice!


  1. Costume looking good. Nice that it almost fit right out of the evelope.

  2. I like it! Doesn't the style suit him?!

    Soooo, you will be making a cod piece...looking forward to the posts on that!

  3. Well, I hope the kid gets paid for having fun. My second son would like that gig, no doubt!

    Congrats on Private Cook making PFC!

  4. i think i'd like to meet reko -- handsome man! :)

    this is what it says about cod-pieces in one of my costume books:

    a cod was a bag. in the 18th century, it became slang for purse. cod-piece was the word used to describe the bag covering the fork of medieval hose or tights. this was laced to the hose by points. it was also used more and more during the 15th and 16th centuries to contain money and a handkerchief. in the 16th century the cod-piece was padded to make it protuberant and this custom was carried to excess by mid-century. later, in the 17th century, after the bag or pouch had been discarded, the term was still in use to refer to the front fastening of the breeches. braguette is the french word for cod-piece.

    and there, all you ever wanted to know about cod-pieces. :)

  5. WOW!! Costume muslin fits well.
    Congrats Pvt Cook.
    (My Marine nephew will be shipping out end of March)


  6. Congratulations to your son :)

    Costume is looking great so far!

  7. Aw, your boy is so handsome. Congratulations to him. I had to giggle at Reko's "Braveheart" warrior paint. :D Boys.

  8. The first thing that came to my mind for "codwear" (as Shakespeare called it) was a retro fitted athletic cup.

  9. That is going to be a fine-looking doublet! I secretly think I would love to be into Ren Fest garb. Alas, my boyfriend would NEVER in a thousand million years go for it, and it seems like something you want to share with your partner.

  10. Smokin' hot son! So smokin' in fact, there's a fire behind him?!

    The costume looks quite interesting!

  11. ha ha, the Warrior Dash! I'm considering that race, here. I did a similar adventure race, called the Jailbreak back in September. Lots of fun!

    I can't believe how much of this you have done already, looking back at these muslins. WTG!


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