Saturday, April 30, 2011

Simp 2896: Finished

After a little here and there sewing over the last few days, the jacket is done.

My plan is to wear it open like this with a belt, but I don't have a belt yet. I may make one. I really wanted an orange jacket, but the stash wasn't cooperative with that and I am NOT buying anything new that I will have to pack and move, so black it is. I have a knit that I'm thinking of turning into a cardi though, so maybe I'll get something orange after all.

This black fabric is ANCIENT. I bought it years and years ago from Fashion Fabrics Club when I first started sewing, in the days before FFC bought out Denver Fabrics. It's a weird fabric. Stretch woven something that's either poly or nylon or both. It's also got a pattern of stylized M's woven in and I had to put a tape on each wrong side so I wouldn't screw it up. It took me about 3 tries to accurately mark the wrong side of each piece because I couldn't decide which side I wanted to use as the right side and then just confused myself.You can see the design here:

The instructions for this pattern are ridiculous. As in stoooopid. First, they would have you use the lining fabric for all of the inside, which means that fabric would go right up to the neck edge. Which means it would definitely roll out and show because that's just Murphy's Law. I used more of the black for the inside yoke pieces and understitched the neckline (a step missing from the instructions).

But the worst part was how Simplicity instructed to sew the facing. Hopefully I can explain this. You are to construct two complete jackets using the same exact pattern pieces, one from the lining fabric and one from the fashion fabric. Then sew the facing OVER the lining (after turning under and narrow hemming the outside edge of the facing) and topstitch the facing down onto the lining. That meant you'd end up with 3 layers of fabric where the facing is, and more if you count the turned-under hem of the facing edge. Like I said, stoooopid.

I made the lining and then laid the facing over it and cut away the lining plus a seam allowance. I then joined the facing to lining like you'd do for any other lined jacket and bagged the lining with a jump hem instead of sewing lining bottom edge to jacket bottom edge. Really, the instructions are so bad that Simplicity would've been better represented if they made this an UNlined jacket.

Here's a quick shot of me in the jacket, over my Saturday slouch around clothes.

Parting Shot: Chili on my desk reminding me that it's time to go outside. He has a definite internal clock and never lets me forget anything on his schedule. Sometimes I catch him tapping his wristwatch and giving me a dirty look. ;-)


  1. Neat jacket! And Chili's SO cute!!!

  2. Oh but I dooooo love this dress. If it doesn't work out for you send it my way.

    As for instructions, I rarely read and never follow pattern directions. I feel the #1 reason why we lose new sewists is pattern directions. They are so awful.

    But Chili is so neat!

  3. Very nice jacket! Those pattern instructions truly suck. Who would do that?
    I look forward to seeing the orange cardi.

  4. It looks great! I love the bright blue lining - so pretty! Aren't you glad you know when to ignore pattern instructions? :)

  5. This looks great! I love the dress fabric. I think you scored on this one!

  6. Nice! Pretty lining too :)

  7. The outfit looks perfect. Like it with the belt. And Chili? what a guy!

  8. Got a dog just like Chili- if I stare at you hard enough you'll know exactly what I mean...

    Love the jacket- what a nice layer to put on/take off as the temps change. Isn't it great to have enough experience to just ditch the S instructions?!!

  9. Being the sort of person who slavishly followed pattern instructions once, I'm glad I found blogs like yours to show me another way.

    The jacket looks lovely and the blue lining is fabulous.

  10. Gorgeous jacket! It looks great :)
    Aww, Chili is adorable!
    Ashley x

  11. Love the outfit. I don't know how anyone could turn out a jacket that didn't look like loving hands at home with those directions. Pity the poor beginner.

  12. I like this with the black accents so much better than if you added the orange ones! Plus the black jacket will be so much more useful in adding to your interview wardrobe. I know, I know you said that black is not as necessary to interview in Florida but it does have an elegance that the orange won't have.

    BTW, it's a great jacket!!

  13. Love your jacket! I bought that pattern last summer but haven't got around to using it yet. I'm soooo glad it's not just me who thinks those instructions are just metal. Kate

  14. I like the look with it open and the belt showing. Cute. Love the lining it's so happy.

  15. You should be pleased with your jacket. Black is much more versatile than orange. thanks for the tips on construction.


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