Thursday, July 21, 2011

HotPatterns 1120: Starting to Sew

I've cut out and started sewing the Classix Nouveau Primavera Dress. That's the facing in the pic above.

As you can see by this pic below, taken just minutes ago, I haven't gone very far. I kind of wussed out in the sewing room yesterday and instead did some reading. But I am planning on sewing more now and later tonight, and hopefully I'll be taking this dress with me next week to my mom's.

The fabric is a recent buy from Gorgeous Fabrics, and there are still 6 yards left. Hurry! ;-) Of course I'll smack myself for giving that link if I screw up my dress and need more fabric.

That's about all I have for today. Two days of workout video have made me a very slow moving … hmmm, … what? Snail? Sloth? Tortoise? Komodo dragon? I think I need help on that description from Patty the Snug Bug because apparently even my brain is slow today. ;-)

* * * * *

The WINNER from the July 14, 2011 Giveaway (Out With the Old) is:

Congratulations fourkid! Please contact me at djc at cedesign dot com with your mailing info no later than Wednesday, July 26, 2011 (after all Winners have been announced, in case of duplicates). If I don't hear from you by then, I will draw another number/name.

Fine print: For all the Giveaways last week and this week, each entrant can only win once and in the case of duplicates, I'll contact you for your choice and then draw again randomly on what's left. Clear? And if you do enter, please check back over the next two weeks to see who won because if I don't hear from you within a few days after announcing winners, I'll draw/decide again. Again, anyone anywhere can enter this or any Giveaway which is still open.


  1. i just made this dress a few days ago! my advice -- use the zip. also, the v is pretty low. i honestly don't know if the finished dress fits me. i prolly should have done a FBA, but i was cranking it out to enter in the state fair. i did manage to squeeze just the top on, and it was a wiggle, hence my advice to use the zip. it was judged today, third place!

  2. Thank you for sharing where you purchased your fabric. The only thing that makes me crazy when I read your posts, is not knowing where you get your fabric. Our tastes are pretty similar.

  3. Beautiful fabric! I'm curious to know your experiences with Hot Patterns, as I like their designs but find them intimidating. I'll be following this dress with interest.

  4. Nice fabric. I'm glad to learn there's more to the dress than what you showed.


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