Friday, March 2, 2012

Dress Shopping

I decided I'm buying the dress for the wedding. While it would be fun to sew something fancy, the truth is my time is limited and do I want to spend precious sewing time making something I'm probably going to wear just once? (Answer: No, I don't.)

On the way home tonight, I stopped at Dillard's on the advice of two of my younger co-workers. I asked them where I should shop for a dress that wasn't too young or too old and they both almost shouted Dillard's, and at the same time. I used to love Dillard's but the last time I went, it felt very stuffy. I'm glad they suggested it and made me go again. My wallet? Not so glad. lol

I spent HOURS trying on a ton of dresses. Many I needed a smaller size — yay! I took cell phone pics and sent them to my sister in Virginia and we texted and pic'd back and forth, which was almost as good as her being with me. It was fun!

I've sent the cell pics to my home email and will upload the pics in the next post. It's going to take a while so keep checking back or wait until later to see them all. I'll add comments along the way.

I'm also going to have to go special bra and shoe shopping. That will wait until next weekend. I'm pooped. lol


  1. Oh, yeah, and then you will have to get the under-things before you try on the dress! lol I, also, just "love" shopping ...

  2. You are looking absolutely FANTASTIC! I love the teal dress, and the tiered dress, and the venetian and the very reduced dress. Have a great time at the wedding.

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