Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Down

The top is done. Well, sorta. As you can see, it's way low-cut so I'm going to have to fashion a flower or bow or some other cleavage camouflage before I can wear it. But that's OK because I think, even with the big "cape," it still needs *something* to visually anchor all that fabric. I knew the neckline was going to be close, but I foolishly forged on anyway. I left off the neck tie as I mentioned I was going to do and I'm glad I did because the back neck is already pretty high on me and the additional width of the tie band would've choked me. The length also feels a smidge short, but I think that's really how it's styled and not a fitting issue. Besides, I usually end up scrunching tops up to where this hits on me anyway. That's probably why it feels short — the scrunch factor is missing. ;-)

My coverstitcher got a workout for this project. I used my 5/8" feller to hem the cape edge, coverstitched the joining seam between cape and underlayer, used it to hem the underlayer sleeves you can't see, and used it to topstitch the band seam allowances into the up position. Everything else was done on the serger, which amounts to the sideseams and the shoulder seams of the underlayer.

The pattern is very generously sized. I cut a 14 but could've gone to a 12 or even possibly a 10. Part of this is the pattern sizing, part is the moving target that is my sizing. I can't judge by all the RTW I've bought lately because those sizes have been all over the map too, a familiar lament with RTW that we all whine about.

Overall, though, I like the top. It's quite unique so I probably won't make it again anytime soon, but it's a fast project with pretty results. And the general shape is on trend right now, without being *too* batwing to hide my shape underneath. A good compromise between style and flattery, I think.

Now I'm off to stitch up the skirt.And since it has flaps/panels that need to be hemmed separately, my coverstitcher/feller ain't done yet.


  1. Interesting shape and nice colors for you.

  2. Welcome back to the sewing room ( I still can't find mine}. Cute top.

  3. Great top! It's nice to see a different design. Go coverstich/feller!

  4. Ooo, I like that pattern! The seam lines on the front is a unique touch! Very lovely. :)

  5. Oh, I love that top! Will you please share the pattern and number? thanks, Nell in Tx.


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